Hey peoples, I’ve got a few questions..

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1. What’s an easier CLEP out of the following two CLEP tests:
Biology 1406/1407 or Chemistry 1311/1312

2. What’s an easier CLEP out of the following two CLEP tests:
American Government – POSC 2303 or Introductory Soiciology – SOCI 1301

3. If I’m gonna take 5 different CLEP tests, is it better to buy a comprehensive CLEP study guide, or is it better to buy individual subject CLEP test study guides?

4. Whether I’m going to buy a comprehensive, all-subject CLEP study guide, or individual subject study guides, are the ones offered by the CollegeBoard at
fine to get? Or, are there better ones? If so, what are they?

5. Is it better to buy CLEP study guides that were written specifically for the year I intend to take CLEP examination(s)? In this case, it would be 2007. Or, is it all right to get guide(s) from a few years back?

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas.


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Sasha Ceart lol whaaat


Psalm 14:5b…

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Psalm 14:5b, “…God is in the generation of the righteous.”



Ezra 7:10…

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Ezra 7:10, “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments.”

This one’s brief:

1. Know what I notice about that? Ezra took it upon himself to grow up, be a man, and maturely chase after God’s law and wisdom for himself. He didn’t wait for a big spiritual experience to occur–he didn’t hit rock bottom morally and get slapped in the face with some horrible experiece to “wake up” and change things. He made a decision to go after God by seeking God’s law and God’s wisdom. He self-started himself to do it.

2. We need to prepare our hearts when we approach God. “..approach God? What’s that..mean..?” When we’re sitting in church listening to a sermon, when we’re listening to a worship song, when we’re having a personal quiet time or prayer time–whatever–let’s “prepare our hearts” to be enriched by the Spirit of God. Don’t halff-@$$ it, that’s just rude, and it really doesn’t help much, anyway.


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Tiffany Bobbitt Hmmmmmmm
Thats pretty good. Ummmm true that we need to seek God. However, sometimes as humans we need to be “put in our place” in order to follow God fully ,so it not a bad thing to first learn that we need or understand things by being broken. 🙂

Bye Bye Friend
November 5, 2006 at 2:43am ·

Cassie Ballard Lawson Good stuff Travis… i saw the same thing when i first read that verse before i read your comment on it. The word prepared really stuck out too. It kinda like cooking food. You can’t start cooking until you’re prepared and have all the stuff you need to make it, including washing your hands (gettin clean), and without turning the oven on (letting it get hot slowly…)
Have a wonderful week! 😀

November 5, 2006 at 7:55am ·

Heather Gregory My dad always says that we need to “prepare our hearts” and on that note I think preparing our minds. Like on Sat. so many people stay up late and are only half wake when they go to church, if they even make it out of bed. So get a good nights sleep and your heart might be better equipped to learn something.

November 8, 2006 at 7:27am ·


The way God governs..

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When you hear the word “Government” what do you think of? Insincere politicians? The federal government? Big buildings? Political parties, voting? The CIA, FBI, taxes and all that crap? These views of what the word “Government” implies are really limited, so wrap your mind around this Note:

“Government” essentially is direction, regulation, and restraint. In whatever way it is set up, its primary objective is to place boundaries in order to maintain a certain system/ or body of persons running properly. Basically, it does these two things:

1) Punish the wicked
2) Protect the innocent

God governs the entire universe. Don’t believe me? Read Romans 1. In there (especially around 18-21-ish), you’ll see that God created the rules and laws by which nature is “governed”. We identify some of these as “laws of gravity”, “laws of thermodynamics”, etc. You could stand on the top of a 100-story building, shake your fist in the air towards God, curl your lip, narrow your eyebrows and declare, “I have the free will to jump off of this building, and IF I WANT TO, then I have the RIGHT, so I’m gonna do it!” Okay, fine. Do it. Curse at God all you want as you attempt to break his physical law–and alas, there is your body on the ground–broken into thousands of little pieces~ Yeah, you had the right to CHOOSE to break the law of gravity that God set into place–but was it really all that smart to try to do it? Well in the same way, God also set up laws by which morality is governed, too. And we have a choice to live by THEM, as well.

Taking this view of government in mind, and acknowledging that God HAS set moral laws into place, we often get a twisted view of WHY God has laws and boundaries. We ask, “Why does God want to restrict me?”, “Why do I need to listen to what some church says and follow these commandments from the Bible?” And we start to think, “I guess religion and Christianity means you can’t have any fun.” or “I better do my religious duty and get my God-points..”

This is utter BS. The Bible makes it quite clear that the foundation of all of the moral laws God set into place is “Love”. What does this mean? It means God revealed to us in His Word (The Bible) the BOUNDARIES we shouldn’t cross because they are harmful. Just like when you try to break the law of gravity like I said above, you end up hurt when you try to break God’s moral laws. Sure we have the CHOICE to go against the ways and commands God lays down for us–BUT WHY DO IT!? It hurt us in a number of ways–physically, emotionally, etc. And they seperate us from God. It’s not a matter of God pullin’ some laws out of thin air for no reason, then saying “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, then putting them in the Bible for us to follow as some sort of religious duty that we get credits for. Let’s keep in mind that God WANTS the best for us, and WANTS us to live the “Life more abundantly” (John 10:10), but He leaves it up to us to decide whether we are going to live the smartest and best way, or if we are going to live the dumbest way.

Luckily He didn’t leave it for us to stumble along through life and guess at “The best ways to live”. He revealed the best ways to live to us in His Word. Why don’t we ever read it? People in some nations would give their right arm to read simply a PAGE of the Bible in order to hear what God has to say, while we let our 3 or 4 Bibles lay around the house and collect dust. This isn’t to poke fingers at people that don’t read their Bible often–this is to provide a perspective on the importance of doing it, and possibly trigger more of an incentive for us as Christians and non-Christians to read God’s Word.

In addition to all these things, God governs reasonably. 2 Chronicles 6:23 says, “…by requiting the wicked, by recompensing his way upon his own head; and by justifying the righteous, by giving him according to His righteousness.” Lookit there~ What’d I say earlier were the two basic functions of government? “Punish the wicked” and “Protect the innocent”, right? God’s fair and just, He ain’t that “ornery Guy upstairs that sends plagues to kill people”, ya know..

Ok so I hope you enjoyed and got something out of this brief note. If you have any comments, questions, death-threats, suggestions, or anything else about this or anything else that you wanna talk about, let me know or post here or whatever. God bless.


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Elise Barrett a-freaking-men.

tomorrow i will write something more coherent. but this is good stuff.
October 8, 2006 at 2:30am ·

Heather Gregory
This just reminds me of walls. Not real walls but the walls we put up as humans. Not so much walls but boundary lines. Others on the outside looking in think that these boundaries are stupid a lot of the time and what they don’t get is that the walls are protection. It’s wise to keep some people out, to protect yourself(your heart). Being physical is one thing that lets people in, so you gotta ask yourself, Do I really want to let this person in? Are they gonna cause pain and heartache in the end? (not that we can predict the future). Just repeat what one of my friends has told me, don’t truely put your trust in someone til they deserve or have earned it. That’s what I have a problem with I just trust everyone. I think they are like me and I get hurt a lot cuz i find out they often times didn’t deserve my trust, or to be inside my walls.

November 8, 2006 at 7:40am ·



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2 Chronicles 5:13, “It came even to pass as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of musick, and praised the Lord, saying, ‘For He is good; for His mercy endureth forever’: that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord;…”

Sorta makes one feel convicted when you simply don’t care about praising in that way, or when you FAKE praising in that way, doesn’t it?

Love in Christ, y’all

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Elise Barrett Makes you wonder. If we say we believe in God, but we don’t tremble in fear or find ourselves unable to keep our mouths closed about him… do we really believe?

October 7, 2006 at 1:58pm ·

Heather Gregory
One thing that really gets to me is how some people never seem to have a heart for worship. I don’t care to much for chapel, but when we sing praises to the God who made us, I join in even if I don’t know the words. Make a joyful noise right. I don’t even care if the people around me think I’m loud, and cant carry a tune, I’m not doing it for them. Right? I just know that as long as I’m around aint no rocks gonna be crying out and praising the Lord cuz of silence.

November 8, 2006 at 7:45am ·


Good (short) reminder…

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“And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of the father, and serve Him with a perfect heart, and with a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek Him, He will be found OF THEE; but if thou forsake Him, He will cast thee off for ever.”
–1 Chronicles 28:10

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Mallari Jones Thanks for that! Good verse. Really made me think.

October 1, 2006 at 11:17am ·

Heather Gregory I sure don’t want to be cast off forever. How bout you?



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I want to hold her, and catch her tears
But she likes to think she has no fears.
In spite of this, my desire to guide
Grows immensly, I surely can’t hide.
Why is it by nightfall my thought she invades,
And  forms in my mind an illogical maze?


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