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Daysha Shiver

July 16, 2015 @ 3:29 am

I’m having trouble feeling on fire for God. I also feel like God won’t accept me because I slipped away so much. I feel like I can’t be saved at all. Because I don’t feel like he heard me or takes me serious. Which I always keep falling.


October 19, 2015 @ 7:45 am

This is just to express my heartfelt thanks for enlightening me thru ur writing. I believe God will bless you more and will continually use you in advancing God’s kingdom.

Your gift, your testimony has become a blessing to others… You are a blessing.


samantha applewhite

December 5, 2015 @ 12:38 am

Hi! I just don’t have a desire for God. Honestly, boys, gossip, school, etc. is more important to me. I get super scared I’m not saved because of this, and I’m afraid I’ll be sent to hell or something or be haunted, so I just act like a really good person to try and soften up God, so maybe He’ll get me thru the day without letting something terrible happen to me.

Travis J

December 7, 2015 @ 11:56 am

Samantha, I can relate to the end of your comment, where you say that you sort of just act like a good person so that God sort of “buys it”, and that He won’t cause bad things to happen to you out of some sort of cosmic rage He reserves for people that don’t listen to Him—like, I get what you’re saying. It’s sort of like, tippy-toe’ing around life, being a quote unquote “good enough person” so that you don’t wake the sleeping-dragon (God). But what I want to encourage you is that God has so much more for us than that, though. While it is true that we read in the Old Testament about how God is vengeful, He also is a God Who loves each and every one of us deeply, and we can also have a sure sense of confidence that this is true since He sent His Son Jesus Christ—Who is essentially God in the flesh—down here to get on our terms, as people; and to be crucified and killed as a payment for all of the wrongdoing in the world. Whenever we get real with God and open our hearts to what He is, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and what He has for each one of us, He does *wonderful* things. Yeah, it seems scary to open up to Him and be vulnerable to Him; or it’s scary to think about “living for Him” because we oftentimes have gotten comfortable living our life in a certain way and we’re afraid of letting in God to meddle with it. I get it. But when I shifted my thinking from a, “Let-me-just-make-some-good-choices-and-maybe-God-will-leave-me-alone” and I begin to seek the heart of God and learn what it means to be a Christian, He revealed to me His ways, and I live a more-fulfilled life as a result of it *EVERY* day. It was sort of a challenge, and scary, yeah, getting real and getting vulnerable with God like that. But it as worth it. And I became more confident in my knowledge of God beyond more than just a, “if I do a good-enough number of things, maybe God won’t strike me down or let bad stuff happen to me”—He’s more real than just that, and you just sort of begin to learn how it’s not about a scoreboard of “bad things and good things done”, in life. It’s about more than that.

I can also relate to the part where you say that things like “boys, gossip, and school” are more important to you—except, in my case it would have been “girls, gossip, school”, haha. One thing I heard some pastor or teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ say, one time, is that,

“God shouldn’t just be ‘Number-1 on our list—rather, God should be *in everything that we have on our ‘list’.”

So I would encourage you to seek the heart of God in your life—and I know that’s sort of a broad thing to say, lots of Christians or people in Christian groups say broad phrases like that all of the time. I remember that as I made the decision to get more real with God and seek Him in a more real way, the fears I had that He would take things I enjoy out of my life if I served Him more, He changed my heart and my values, and in turn, changed my focus such that the things of the world that I once counted as soooooo important, they just began to simply pale by comparison because I would see how empty some of they are, ultimately. Or, at least, I would see how following many of these things that I *thought* I cared a lot about to their logical conclusions just ended up being ‘t things that were NOT really and TRULY satisfying. Many times, they were just things that people around me influenced me were so important, or that the media had made me believe was so important. I’d recommend, start off by believing in your heart that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross when He came to this world to pay for all of our sins against God. Believe and accept that as Truth, and pray to God and tell God that you accept It as Truth (Romans 10.9), even if you need to pray it out loud. Pray to God and ask Him that as a result of believing in His Son’s, Jesus Christ’s, coming down to earth and dying on the cross as a payment for all of the sins of your life, you repent of sin and wrongdoing because you recognize that even though you know that there is nothing that *you* can do to somehow “get right with God”; you accept the gift that His Son, Jesus Christ, offered as a result of His dying of the cross. Tell Him you repent of sin, meaning you accept that it is wrong, and you want to turn away from it and accept this gift as made available by Jesus Christ, and to turn to God as you turn away from sin and wrongdoing (John 14.6). As a part of all of this, pray to God and ask His Son Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to come and live in your heart and be the Lord of your life. Tell God that after this, you open up yourself to be ever-fashioned and likened into His Son, Jesus Christ. This is, in my opinion, the beginning of the best and richest life that we can live—the rewards and REAL sense of PURPOSE that we find as a result of trusting God in this Way being much more valuable, eternal, and meaningful than anything else that we have in our minds that is important or that tempts us to eat up our time.

I hope this comment finds you well, and perhaps sparks you to seek God in a more personal way, because whenever we do that, He most definitely meets us where we are and begins to move in our lives, reveals Himself to us, and offers a better and more valuable purpose and identity beyond anything that we can find here in this earth. If you have a local pastor that you may trust, or if you have some family or friends who could recommend a good and trustworthy pastor, I recommend just calling up the pastor, no matter how random it may seem, and ask that pastor if they will meet with you to discuss some of these things. If they’re a trustworthy and real pastor, they’ll be happy to meet and talk with you about this stuff. Because honestly, like I shared above, I can relate to where you’re coming from—like, I get it. But what I can say is that what I have found in my own life is that sticking to that philosophy I mentioned above, where I said, “keep God in every thing on the list of my life, not just #1 in my life”, He really does work things out for me better than I ever could. And certainly I fall short of doing this–CONSTANTLY. I’m not perfect at all. Furthermore, despite the tragedies that have happened in my life; in the bad things and the good things of my life, I can see how God is leading me; and I have understood what He teaches me as He guides me through these things. And sometimes I find myself posting statuses on facebook where I just simply proclaim “THANKFULNESS” to God for the sense of peace I feel from Him sometimes; just in the normal, everyday goings-on, sometimes you just see how He is leading and orchestrating, and it’s just humbling and all-around GOOD.

God bless you, Samantha.

—Travis J, MBA

James Langston, LT, USN (Retired)

March 27, 2016 @ 4:24 pm

Subj: Permissions to Reprint the article, Where’s My Fire for God I Once Had?

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is James Langston. I am a retired naval officer, having faithfully served my country for 27 years. I now pastor the Pilgrim Outreach Ministries.

I ask your permission to use the subject information in my upcoming book, Words of Encouragement: A compilation of 366 Verses of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation with accompanying insight to daily encourage readers.

Thanking you for your consideration



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