2011 Resolutions (re-post, from January 2011)

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(Editor’s note on April 24, 2011, this is a re-post of my 2011 Resolutions that I made this past New Year’s. I don’t think I had ever really, officially, done these before in my life. For years now, I honestly make it a daily goal to meet goals–long and short-term–so I don’t often have a lot of things I’m “trying to work on”. But I do have some, and thought I’d officially post them. Sorry if this bored you–I just wanted a reminder)


2011 Resolutions

1 ) Love, and ALLOW myself to be loved, both

2 ) Plan less

3 ) Spend more money

4 ) Do NOTHING more often

5 ) Read less TEXTbooks

6 ) Read more REAL books

7 ) Talk to more strangers

8 ) Be more impulsive

9 ) Feel more

10 ) Care less


With these, I really tried not to include “check-points” or business-related benchmarks or anything. Like, I didn’t want to say stuff like

Have such-and-such many clients in my web-design company“, or

Decide on career“, or

Complete that-and-that type of marketing“, or

Complete this personal project” type of things.


I didn’t want to post those here…otherwise those’d take up all 10 slots 😛 .


As always–comment even if you weren’t tagged, it’s fine.


Travis J,
December 31, 2010 at 6:43pm


(Editor’s note on April 24, 2011, also, please comment here on my blog, whether you were or weren’t tagged when I put this on facebook, even if you did or didn’t comment on facebook, or even if I don’t know you–I really don’t care 😛 . Just post a comment if you feel so compelled)

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Kirsten Hallford Broussard WORD. 🙂 ….talk to more strangers…give more of your attention to people. that’s on my list now. awesome list, cousin.
December 31, 2010 at 6:49pm · Like
Josh Bronstad You planning to plan less? Hmm interesting lol
December 31, 2010 at 6:59pm · Like · 1 person
Daniel Wilkinson Well, first he had to plan to plan to plan less before he could plan to plan less. Now that he’s done with that, I expect that he’s planning less…

1) I love you, Trav.
January 1 at 5:44am · Like
Steve Hallford Hey Nephew; Love the list. My resolutions seem to always go in one year and out the other…
January 1 at 11:49am · Like
Bailey James Morgan yes yes and yes.
January 2 at 2:08pm · Like
Bailey James Morgan Miss ya by the way
January 2 at 2:09pm · Like
B.j. Watts ‎”Man! I don told you to stop workin so dang much”— words to my father. He has calmed down a bit since then. I think he finally gave in to my advice. Planning less? Your body & mind will thank you for it.
January 2 at 7:06pm · Like

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