Incomplete and Untold

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I prayed for guidance,
To fill up my quiver;
Guess I should’ve trusted
More than just a sliver.

I thought that the patience,
Itself, was the test;
Eventually able to
Find me some rest.

Could it be just
That I, in fact, did not see,
What it was that HE wanted me to
Never see?

My perspective is heightened
After being so low;
Maybe needed something
In the past I didn’t know.

I blame no one,
Yet still blame myself—
Put that mem’ry back
Up on the shelf.

Shove it to the back,
Forget it—don’t wallow.
We still gotta get up
And shine all tomorrow.

I’ll take it in stride,
Tho’ my pain I’ll not hide;
Wond’ring forever,
“Will I make it?” inside.

This does not define,
It does not complete—
I’ll swallow the pain,
Wake up, and compete.

No one can know what
The future may hold—
Regardless, His Blood makes
Me forever bold.

That’s why there’s no fear
When things will unfold,
It’s just in their nature—
Incomplete and untold.

–Travis J




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