On Millennial Public/Customer Service

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Yeah, I gotta say—as a Millennial, there are a *LOT* of problems I have with my own generation; that is, I have a lot of problems with and am largely different than other Millennials. Like. Lots of problems.
And it’s largely why I’ve always been able to get along with people of previous-generations *SOMETIMES EVEN BETTER* than my *OWN* generation [other Millennials], literally my entire life.
But *LOTS* of times, it’s Baby-Boomers, Gen-X’ers (lil bit), and older-people who act unreasonably, or scream, or get snippy, in public/customer-service situations when they do not understand the process. They feel like they need a dog to kick because a mistake/error happens; and they feel the need to take it out on the public/customer-service representative.
Baby-Boomers, Gen-X’ers (lil bit), and older are the ones who, lots of times, treat public/customer-service folks like dogs—whether that public/customer-service representative is a Millennial or even if that public/customer-service representative, HIMSELF, is of an older age-group than Millennials.
(But it’s also a strange curve, though, too, cuz some of the older-older people—lots of times, they’ve reached a point in their lives where they’re just chill about most things, and don’t act terribly when stuff happens when a mistake or error, or whatever, comes up)
Just keep in mind that the Millennial public/customer-service representatives are largely representing the Business’ policies—so as mad as the kid may make you, he/she didn’t write the rules, they just have to execute the rules.
We [Millennials] got a lot problems. No attention-spans. Over-texted-over-sexted. Sense of entitlement. Desensitized to lots of things. *ACTUALLY* thinking that someone like Bernie Sanders and his *POISONOUS* political philosophy is even *remotely* OK as a Presidential candidate. But dang.
It’s like, just treat people LIKE PEOPLE. I’m sorry that the mere *SIGHT* of a Millennial makes you angry—and hey, like I said earlier, I kinda get it! But, ***treat people LIKE PEOPLE***.


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