A Bright Light Went Out – Bailey Morgan

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A bright light went out in this world two weeks ago. One of my best friends, Bailey Morgan, passed on to be with the Lord.

But the thing about Bailey is, he wouldn’t have much cared about such glory about being a “bright light” unless it helped point someone to Jesus Christ. As those of us who were fortunate enough to attend Bailey’s funeral this past weekend were able to realize, Bailey touched a lot of peoples’ lives, in a lot of different ways, and at a lot of different times.

He was a renaissance man—an artist, a soft-soul, physically as strong as any man across whom he came; he was also silly, and he loved life and loved to have a good time. He was a good listener, he was a G-I-V-I-N-G spirit—oftentimes giving when his own circumstances may not have even been strong. He was an overcomer. He loved to bake. He simply loved people. He was a great listener. He was the ultimate servant-heart. He did it when it wasn’t comfortable, when it wasn’t convenient, and not because anyone ever had to ask him to be a servant.

He was able to do many of these things because of the identity he had (and has) in Christ.

And all of these things I’m saying here don’t even really do him justice.

I was privileged enough to meet Baily while we were in college together, at East Texas Baptist University. I have no trouble saying he was one of the three closest friends I had in college at East Texas Baptist University. I’ve since grown closer to a couple-a-few-more that I met in college days. But no—he was one of three that were closest to me. Bailey and I fascinated each other. He was more artistic, and I was more task-oriented and down-the-line left-brained (Don’t get the wrong idea, though—when Bailey got his hands on something, he was going to do it right, do it well, and do it better than anyone else). Yet our paths crossed, and we spent many a night staying up late around campus—be it in the cafeteria, outside in the back of someone’s truck, at on-campus events, randomly walking around campus, in each other’s dorm—spent many a night listening to one another. *LISTENING* to one another’s point of view. We’d share the struggles through which we went—many very *very* serious things at times—yet we confided in and trusted each other. We were able to learn from one another—we were different yet similar. We practiced the Biblical concept of edifying each other.

I remember one time when we were walking across campus from one event to another, a basketball player at etbu walked by. The player recognized me, I said, “hey”, and then I said something about coming to watch all of their games this season; I really wanted to—but lots of times, I studied or worked too much and wouldn’t be able to go. And Bailey knew that about me, as he heard me say that to that basketball player. And Bailey challenged me. Bailey said to me, “You know you just made a promise, right?” That got me thinking, I’ve never forgotten that. He was right. That is a thing with which he hit me square between the eyes. Another thing in which Bailey and another fellow etbu’er who always saw me rushing around so busily all of the time encouraged me was, “Travis, don’t forget to slow down and smell the roses, sometimes”—that is, Bailey and this other friend encouraged me to keep the perspective of slowing down and enjoying the moment and enjoying my youth; not to always rush around and let life pass me by. I’ve never forgotten that, either.

And after those stories, I’ll show one thing—look at the image that is at the center of this picture along with this post. That was in 2015, after a weekend with Bailey and some other close-friends. Just as I was saying that back, years ago, when we were in college together and would listen to each other, help each other, and that we were fascinated by how each other thought about and saw life, this comment Bailey left me on this image is an example of how I was able to help edify him.

I am so proud of Bailey and who he became; yet I am also humbled and challenged; to love like he loved. To give like he gave. To have faith like he had. And I hope I make him proud; and I cannot wait to see him in Paradise with our God again, one day.

I love you, Bailey.

P.S. if anyone wants to comment on these pictures of Bailey and us (some of them funny), I’d love to reminisce about what they were/are ^_^ .

P.S.S. I could have posted *way* more pictures, but thought I’d just cut it to these.

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A Bright Light Went Out - Bailey Morgan


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