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A time of transition,
A time of respite―
When all’s going well,
Seems it’s not going right.

Lost and confused―
Yet ready to go―
It’s all just because
I don’t know that I know.

One day it’s up and
It’s all going well.
Some days it feels like
Being quite dragged through hell.

First things are up,
Next thing I know, they’re down―
Sick to death of being
Mentally tossed around.

At the end of the day
When I’ve battled and fought,
“Is it all a big waste,” My mind haunts,
“Just for naught?”

Will it be this?
Will it be that?
Demanding my way―
Like a common spoiled brat.

The only repose―
Only rest for my soul―
The remedy for where
In my chest there’s a hole,

Is to sleep and remember,
To stop and to rest,
Things I cannot control
Default to Jesus.

―Travis J, MBA

1.00 AM,
June 20, 2015



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