2014 Resolutions of Travis J

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Yeah, I don’t really know and don’t really care what “the rules” are for posting New Year’s Resolutions, but some of these Resolutions are last year’s Resolutions too. The Resolutions that I am re-posting are ones that I somewhat *did* accomplish, but at which I still need to work. Some of these Resolutions are brand-new for 2014, though.

Like I said last year (you can click here to see last year’s: https://ktravisj.com/blog/perfectlyincomplete/?p=1791 ) , it’s better for all of us, as people, to make it a daily goal to meet goals–both long-term goals and short-term goals. While I still believe it is best to better yourself *all* throughout the year rather than just CLAIM to do it one day of the year, I *do* wanna post some things on which I want to work, this next year, for 2014.

Here are this year’s Resolutions in no particular order:

2014 Resolutions

1 ) Stop looking at myself in terms of *anything* external; just be at peace with existing

2) Allow myself to be loved

3 ) Revert back to a more eternal and Kingdom-of-God-through-Jesus-Christ way of thinking, living, and decision-making

4 ) Continue to get better at resting and “doing nothing” sometimes

5 ) Continue to live more “in the moment” by not always keep looking ahead to incessantly see, handle, meet, prepare for “the next thing”, the “next”, the “next”, the “next”…

6 ) Clean up my language

7 ) Continue to remain true to myself personally and professionally, do not not take as much BS from people personally and professionally, and don’t sell out personally or professionally

8 ) Call, text, or message a random friend/family member/acquaintance more often, just to honestly see how they are doing

9 ) Purchase and start living in my own house

10 ) Get 100% caught up in reading all of my design books

John G

December 27, 2013 @ 12:59 pm

Good resolutions!!!!!!!!! btw we need to catchup son!


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