Every New Year There’s a First

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Morning’s security always made sense;
Start out at the school, a normal day—
Have some work, learn some things—
But now a change is underway:

The chill on my bones
From the morning’s breeze,
Stands for my new life—
A shift taken not with much ease.

Now not at the school,
But hospital room instead;
The mem’ries and laughter,
They streak through my head.

A new dawn has arrived,
The old’s no longer there—
A time exists, now, where he can’t
Be seen anywhere.

I’ve no time to ask,
I’ve no time to think,
The ball in my throat
Has no time to sink.

What is this new way?
He’s not anywhere;
Unknown, and perhaps,
Too much for to bear?

Decisions, decisions,
They beckon and call;
While family relentlessly
Fills up the hall.

Outside tells a story—
The new one to begin—
Where the coldness and mystery
Sit eternally within.

–Travis J
4.00 P.M.-ish

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May 2, 2017 @ 8:13 pm

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