Biggest Mistake Ever

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Biggest mistake ever,
I ran away too soon.
It scared me when I thought of you
and thought I had no room.

On one hand I’d many visions
and I had so many dreams;
then it felt like the other hand
Was you and me and all our means.

I thought the places each would take me
were much too incompatible.
So panicked, made a decision,
that’s, alas, regrettable.

Why couldn’t I remember?
Why’s it that I couldn’t see..?
Why do I think it impossible,
an eternal care for me..?

I thought the differences and the cash,
Would make you run away.
So what I did? Headed it off,
Thought there wasn’t any reason we should play.

How quickly I forgot,
Or chose simply to not see—
It’s possible, it might’ve been
That you really, truly cared for me.

Though I can say that I was strong,
remained steadfast, stuck to my guns—
that confidence and comfort’s empty,
‘cuz all I’m left with is re-runs.

This attitude I’ve got,
and these conclusions that I’ve reached,
If I was honest, they’re prolly fair,
since our relationship I breached.

Travis J
1.00 AM-ish
February 29th, 2012


July 12, 2012 @ 11:16 pm



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