2012 Resolutions

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“New Year’s Resolutions” haven’t usually been something I do because I kinda always had a philosophical block against them. But last year, I *did* do them. Click here to check out last year’s: https://ktravisj.com/blog/perfectlyincomplete/?p=898 . And I accomplished them, pretty much. Like I said last year, I’ve never much believed in putting much stock in “New Year’s Resolutions” because I honestly make it a daily goal to meet goals–both long and short-term goals–so I don’t often have a lot of things I’m “trying to work on”. But I certainly do have some. We all do.

Here are this year’s:

2012 Resolutions

1 ) Love, and ALLOW myself to be loved, both

2 ) Don’t take as much BS from people–personally or professionally

3 ) Don’t second-guess myself

4 ) Clean up my language (case in point: #2 on this list haha..)

5 ) Remain true to myself and don’t sell out–personally or professionally

6 ) facebook LESS

7 ) Remain humble and remember that the Lord God has played a huge part in causing my circumstances and my environment to give me the opportunities to use my free will to get where I am and attain the things I have; it’s been a combination of both Him and His influence, and then also my utilizing my resources well. It is both. It is not only me.

8 ) Slow down, have more down-time, do nothing more often

9 ) Call, text, or message a random friend/family member/acquaintance more often, just to honestly see how they are doing

10 ) “Go for it” more often, with things

Phedra Johnson

January 2, 2012 @ 10:48 am

First–a resolution you CANNOT make, is to have more awesome hair. That’s just impossible.

Second–that’s a fine list you’ve got there.

Third–I don’t have a third.



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