Three Things

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It’s time for alert—
We’ve suffered a hurt.

No one can we trust
(in dad’s ways that’s a must).

After his departure, what were we to do?
World’s cold, people rough—all this I knew.

Our assets, our things, our futures at stake;
Of what of all this was I s’posed to make?

Nowadays, I put up with less,
I’m not gonna lie—of that I confess.

Peoples’ words, their intentions, their wastes of time—
They can throw away theirs, but they’ll have none of mine.

Since his death, priorities have shifted,
Some of my hearts’ concerns have drifted.

It made us tough, it made us hard—
When the three of us had our whole worlds jarred.

Now there’s three things, I need to ask,
Whilst throughout my life in Your glory I bask:

First now I need to return, please,
Please grant me Lord, some peace, some ease.

And two please help me not be cold—
And dread time’s been wasted when I get old.

Three help me remember it’s not about me,
And pray not always so selfishly.

I know You have us in Your hands,
Remind my subconscious to understand.

—Travis J
11.45-ish PM, 12/6/2011


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