Where’s My Fire for God I Once Had?

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Sometimes we worry about “Where’s that passion for God that I once had?” And we think “Where’s my fire?”

Many of us can remember a time where we reached a point in our lives where we felt closer to God than we ever had before. We reached a point of self-actualization where we gave up thinking “life is about me“, and we militantly adopted the mindset, instead, that “life is about God“. It became like second nature to us. We wanted it more than we wanted air, or food, or water.

For some of us it was at a summer youth camp that sparked it in us. For some it was after we’ve devoted some serious thought, time, and study—either the Bible directly, or some other literature about the ways of God. Still others may have reached a personal realization that they have a desire to be near to God and live for Him in any other number of ways I have not mentioned here.

But whatever the case may be, there are those of us who can remember when we fell so in love with God and had such a “fire for Him“, as we often say, that simply defies explanation and is indescribable. Then as time goes on, we “lose” that fire for some reason. It scares us. We don’t know why. It’s not that we’ve necessarily been “talked out of what we believe” by anyone. And it’s not as if we have any real rational REASON, nor is it that we deliberately CAUSE our fire to die down…it just…does. And we don’t know why. And it scares us.

Whenever this happens, whenever we reach a place where we worriedly ask ourselves “Where’s my fire for God? Where’s my passion?” We do not have to feel worried.

Before we go any further, let’s consider what it is that really worries us in these situations and figure out why it bugs us so much when we “lose our fire for God and we want it back.” What worries us in these situations is not JUST the fact that “We lost our emotional drive to live for God and our hardcore love for Him”.

What worries us is what we think this loss of fire MEANS. We think that either we have “lost our faith” or we think that God feels so distant, maybe He really doesn’t love us anymore. As far as “losing our faith” goes—where’d it go? Did we mis-place it? Did someone talk us out of it? Did the devil come and SNATCH IT AWAY from us!? Certainly not—nothing’s changed. It’s just a feeling, or just an emotion that has changed. Then as far as the other thing—our thinking that “God doesn’t love us anymore”—surely we’re aware of the absurdity of this statement. God is unchanging even though we live lives that are in a constant state of change. He exists in a way that He is beyond needing to ever “change” for any reason—HE just IS. Colossians does not say that God’s existence, or His love, is dependent on anything else. In fact it says quite the opposite—it says all things exist BECAUSE of Him, not the other way around. He’s independent, He just IS. These thoughts that God has somehow withdrawn His love for us, or that He “will withdraw His love or blessings from us if we don’t have a huge fire for him” are unfounded, and we cannot let them worry us!

You see, “the fire” itself is not the end-all, be-all goal for the Christian. Our lot in life as Christians from the moment we decide to become a Christian and onward from that point is to live out the rest of our lives being discipled, and being ever-transformed into becoming more like Christ. That awesome and burning “fire” that we feel at times that helps spur us on in spirit is great, but we do not necessarily need that fire to live as we are intended to live, which is to live out the things of God. It is even more important to get to a place where we habitually love people and make choices to live for God as an overflow. These things should just become normal activities that no longer REQUIRE us to “feel that that fire” to spur us on.

It is true that God wants to know us personally and cares about our well-being, and that He wants to draw near to us, and we do feel like it is painful when we “don’t have that fire” and it makes us think we’ve somehow drifted away from Him. What we must then do is to take an assured confidence in the things of God, and the things that we have come to learn about His nature and His character and love Him for those things. Even though the fire is gone, this doesn’t mean we have to feel like we have broken relationship with Him.

Think about it, I’ve heard it said that,

“the staple of a true friendship you have with another person is when you can sit in each other’s presence in silence and it’s not awkward.”

Or something like that. I didn’t come up with that one, I’m not sharp enough. I’ve just heard it before. And whether you’re talking about a romantic/sexual relationship or just a regular friendship, it rings true. When you FIRST met that other person, yeah you had a lot of new stimuli and it was exciting and whatnot. But over time, when you grew closer, learned more about each other, and had experiences together, your relationship has grown in strength. And honestly, that secure relationship or friendship between the two of you that may not have a “fire” like it did when you first met, may even be stronger than many “new” friendships or relationships you may have with other people right now.

This is how it is with God Himself when the “fire we have for Him” has “died down”. It is a quiet confidence that we can have.

So then what are we to think? Since I’m saying that it’s not a bad thing for us NOT to “feel the fire anymore” as strongly as we once did, should we think that it’s a bad idea to inspire young believers or new believers and for them to get that initial emotional “fire for the heart of God”? Should we think that, “It’s just emotional and so we shouldn’t even pay much attention to inspiring that flame in any other young or new believers.”? I disagree. I think that spark of hardcore passion for God, and drawing nearer to God can be very useful!

Emotion, itself, is not a bad thing. There are two extremes we are to avoid. First, let us not concern ourselves with dousing the fire of young or new believers simply because we identify “it’s just an emotion and it probably won’t last.” Second, let us not exalt feeling the fiery passion for God above being able to habitually practice the ways of God when the fire passes away.

It is not fleeting emotion that is our goal to chase as Christians, but we should not think that feeling this fire is somehow wrong or useless. Although that fire and feeling of nearness to Him can be beautiful, that fire, at the same time, can also be the start of something else beautiful that lasts far beyond the fire’s dying out.

May God bless you.

(this piece of writing was inspired by pages 115-116 of “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. To be more accurate, the section of the book that inspired this piece of writing was the final paragraph, paragraph number 9, of chapter 9, of book III of Mere Christianity. My purpose with this piece of writing is not to plagiarize Mr. Lewis’ brilliance as my own—his level of intellect being one of which I could never even dream of attaining. Rather, I’ve had conversations with fellow like-minded Christians time and time again about how “we lost the fire we once had”—and it’s a bit of a distressing concept to us.)

–Travis J
September 21, 2011 ca. 8.00-9.00 PM

jule padayao

January 12, 2012 @ 1:24 pm

amazing.. thank you so much



January 10, 2013 @ 12:15 am

Man this is good! I needed to read this. I was just asking myself if I lost the fire for God. The Holy Spirit told me today that the enemy will try to discourage me. And soon enough, I started losing that feeling of “fire for God.” But, like you said, the closer we get to someone, the less “excitement” gradually goes..in a way. That new feeling is gone but the good thing is, that’s usually a sign that you’ve known the person for awhile and the relationship is stronger than it was in the beginning because you’ve gone through things together


July 31, 2013 @ 11:06 am

Enjoyed the post. I was never taught of a “wilderness experience” and learned the hard way…surely made it more meaningful though. Years ago when I first began my Christian walk….what immense passion….overflow of emotion (delivered from Egypt). Emotion drove me…I ran….raptured in joy and love for over a year!!! A child running that hasn’t learned how to walk will surely fall….and I did. Oh how I longed to run like the wind…that joy and emotion. I was speaking to a dear Christian friend one day and was explaining how I wanted that emotion, joy, brokeness, etc back. He explained to me that is what it was about, then I was worshiping emotions and not Jesus. WOW…idolatry (while in the desert I had made my idol). After a hard fall and spending a little time in the desert going round and round believing satan’s lies. “Oh….I have lost my salvation from my sin.” Romans 8:1-there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ….really helped bring me out. Today, I am continuing to learn to walk (not run) by faith not by sight (or emotion). I am seeking the Prize (Christ)….the other stuff comes from seeking Him!! I keep my eyes fixed on the One in which all blessings flow and to make Him known….He is the treasure. Seek ye first….


September 12, 2013 @ 10:03 pm

And He said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’ (Matthew 22:37-39 NASB).

Notice that my passionate love for God is NOT to be just a flash in the pan, or a fire that burns brightly and then fades … it’s loving him with ALL of my being. When we don’t love Him in that fashion … when our devotions, attentions and interests elsewhere take priority over what we demonstrate to God, then we have put “other gods before Him” and, perhaps, even set up “idols.”

While I understand your intent regarding how we should “feel” or address our loss of passion, let’s be SURE that we’re not supplanting God with something or someone else.


October 28, 2013 @ 6:25 am



May 15, 2014 @ 2:10 am

Sounds nice but you left out an important fact. More often than not, ‘sin’…(unforgiveness, mad that things didn’t go our way..etc..) is why most fire goes out.

To comfort someone who is not living as they should (like thou shalt live the Lord they God with ALL thy heart) is wrong.

American Christianity today does not live up to scripture. What about..’prove yourself whether you are in the faith’. I think the love of pleasures more than the love of God is why our fire goes out most of the time in the USA..really.


July 9, 2014 @ 3:41 am

I have been searching for answers for months but now I see what happened and understand now so thanks and my you all be blessed.


November 16, 2014 @ 6:27 am

I really appreciated your post, Travis. At the same time, I appreciated the comments by others above, especially WOB and Gene. I have been a Christian over 35 years. I was very engaged in church and all sorts of ministries. About 13 years ago my wife said she was done “faking it” and stopped attending. I carried on for about five years but it was hard going without her. Then I, too, stopped going regularly. Further, about three years ago I struggled with a sin which I felt grieved the Holy Spirit to the point of departure. I finally “kicked it” a year ago but by that time the damage was done and I no longer felt that closeness to God. I believe all that you said about God’s love for us being eternal. However, I recognize that my behaviors around no regular fellowship with other Christians and a period of choosing sin led me to where I am. If I do not surround myself with other Christians and return to a time of regular Worship, reading Scripture and Praying then I should not be surprised if I continue to feel distant from God. The ball is in my court.


January 8, 2015 @ 1:11 pm

I am lost and need Christ. The emptiness is more than I can take. Please pray for me. He came to me and I did not recognize Him. I continued to wander. He has not spoken to me in 3 years. I beg you to pray for Him to talk with me. All I can feel is condemnation and fear. Please help.


February 10, 2015 @ 2:22 pm

JAMES. Read the Gospel of John in the bible. Keep re-reading it. Pray to God and ask Him to forgive your sins. Thank Him for dying for you on the cross. Ask him to help you to please Him by doing what He wants you to do. Find a church near your house (not mormon or jehovahs witness because they change what God said in the bible), just find a normal church and just walk in. You can go on a day when the office is open and ask to talk to the pastor and explain to him what has been happening. If you commit yourself to God you should know that we have no condemnation or fear, only gratitude and freedom in God’s love and forgiveness for us. We fear God, but that is a different kind of fear. Kind of like respect and obedience.


February 22, 2015 @ 1:41 am

Thank you!!!so much for your words, last year I felt identical to your story, I love god so much, but I was saden by my lack of being on firer for god,I didnt know what I was going through,at moments I thought I was gona throw in the towel,I felt so disappointed in myself,and that I totaly disappointed god,and I was grossly sinning by not being on firer,but god have always kept his word, this year feb,2015 I feel this surge of growth I never experience before,I am learning and memorizing scripture like crazy its awesome,I feel gods presence much more, I have more peace,joy,inner peace,and contentment,family relationships are more positive and loving,financial blessings and stability as a single mother,and my faith has grown so much I can and will move mountains, from a point where i had no faith, im thankful to god that he has surrounded me with my church family that loved me through it,and a god sent sheppard that loves his sheep,there were times I thought they thought I was crazy, I even thought I was suppose to be at a different church because I wasnt growing,when I expressed this to my pastor, He said to me I better be sure that god is releasing me to another church because I aint seen trouble until I have gotten out of gods will, I was first offended, but then I was extremely afraid,but I still didnt know what I was going through, I do now, and its only been 2 months into the new year and everyone sees I have bounced back spiritually bigger,better,stronger,and this year Im gona move mountains,Matt 17:20,I didnt know my plans, but god knows the plans that he has for me Jer 29:11 god bless you for your testimony


February 22, 2015 @ 2:04 am

to love god is not about the firer,to love god is about your relationship with him,and its not expecting something back,like with my children I just love them, I dont expect anything back,they dont owe me a thing except what god commands us all to do,and if you have lost the firer pray it isnt because you actually did turn away from god.god bless everyone

Lize Frey

April 27, 2015 @ 2:54 pm

Dankie vir jou beskrywing soms wonder mens of jy erens verkeerde paaie geloop het,dat jy nie altyd daai intense teenwoordigheid voel nie,en weereens het die Here vir my bevestig dis nie waar nie,Hy is meer as net n gevoel.


April 28, 2015 @ 12:32 pm

Thank God when we recognise the distance or dryness or despair we feel. That alone is a good sign. Travis, WOB and Gene are all correct. We must examine ourselves often, Psalm 51. We must be aware of the enemy and his lies.


July 19, 2015 @ 4:42 pm

I am feeling that a rest from church may give I say give GOD an
opportunity to speak to me and guide my heart to return to the
fellowship of GODS people


July 29, 2015 @ 9:12 pm

ive been extremely depressed and scared the last year after experiencing a deep loving connection to god, the universe. a few months prior to the deep connection i had experienced, i went through a tramatizing period in my life, where everything i thought i needed, desired and had in life all collapsed around me. it was in this moment that i truly came to see god in a different light, so pure so soft, so loving. there was something inside of myself that shifted. i became like a flower, so gentile and pure with love, compassion. every moment was emersed in a divine light, every person i came into contact with i could see in this light, it was as though all my prayers for peace had been answered. i felt this emotion, this energy of being complete within myself. so calm, fully quenched in the spirit. no problem too big, no anger, no worry, all was taken care of as it should come. i saw god right down to the very atom of existence. it was beyond all concept, but there was a knowing in my heart that i was safe and with god. my mind body and heart had aligned in such a way that i no longer felt physical pain, or any type of wants for anything to complete me, every moment, every person, everything felt that it was as it should be, so pure, the energy i felt took over me, and i felt it bounce of of everything and everyone around me. no person gave me negative vibes. i was complete. after some time feeling this, something shifted back, and i felt the heaviness of the world again, dark, heavy. this past year has been confusing to me. i don’t know what to make of life now, of god, myself. im extremely depressed. idk how to handle myself with grace, but i feel i can never forget who i was,or what i experienced with god either. when i would give, no matter how small, it felt so big, and never cared if i was pleasing to others, or expecting anything at all. the experience itself of being completely given up to this love that was bigger than myself was my food, my giver. i felt i no longer was having to walk on my own, i was with god, and god was holding me, and guiding me with love, this warm comforting embrace. when i came out of this state, i felt pain again, a hardness of the flesh, my body, hunger pains. everything now feels fleeting, hard. i cry allot, i do not know how to relate to the world, myself or god anymore. i try to go back to living as if i never have experienced what i did, but i feel false in attempting to. i care for little of the world, but cry out to find the love of god again, the guidance from god to purify my spirit. its not that i hate the world. i don’t. if anything i hate myself for not knowing how to shine the light i had received onto the world. i feel dried out, danmed, unworthy. i feel all i do is nothing. im kind to others, but inside i feel empty. i know what is missing, i just don’t know how to find it, or if i ever will. i keep to myself allot. find work or any type of activity difficult to get into. spiritual practice is difficult, my energy is lower than ive ever felt. i sleep allot, and can not get these negative thoughts of myself out of my head. i just want to die, but i don’t want to at the same time. i just sit hoping for god to release me from this bondage. the experience was as though i was nothing and yet everything at the same time. the tree, the ground, the wind, everything, but i didnt feel superior, or inferior to anyone or anything. i felt balance with the universe, consumed by god. but now im not sure what to make of this imbalance, or how to realign my faith. i just wish i knew what to make of all this. all i know is that in that time, that experience, there was no doubt i was with god, and fully given up to the higher power of god. i just wish i knew what god expects of me now that i am not fully aligned. i wish i knew what to do with myself. i just want this constant uncertaint feeling to stop. idk what my heart is telling me to do anymore, or how to fill it back up, how to cleanse myself of this. i don’t wish to start thinking high of myself, but i don’t want to feel or think low of myself either. i don’t want others to of themselves i just wish to find the balance again. i want to know without having to know that god is with me. i wish i knew how to give it all up again. i fear i am stuck forever.


October 14, 2015 @ 11:24 am


He’s with you ALWAYS…..I truly can understand your words and experiences. Once you feel the overwhelming presence of our Lord and see him moving in your life….you never want to go back to who you were. I too was angry, didn’t know how to deal with stress, etc. He changed that. I started to see my responses to situations was more of peace and humbleness, praying for the other person and realizing what might have caused them to act is such a way. I no longer looked at things from my eyes. I would always pray for him to show me the world through his and he did and to have the heart of Christ. But I do feel he backs off, just as a parent back-off to let their children learn to fly and implement what we have taught them. See…we are always there but in a different way. I hope you can see this. He is our father and loves us with all his being. Continue to pray, make time to be still and most of all never think he has left you! God Bless you and may our Lord embrace you and help you through this trial.


February 26, 2016 @ 1:05 pm

Praise God..thank you so much for the wonderful post. I am greatly blessed..!!

rebekah Maccow

March 2, 2016 @ 12:02 am

I pray the lord bless you. I was searching on the internet; actually i keyed in the word, “lost my emotional drive” and I saw this article. I must say, I was in tears, literally crying my heart out. Those words as you quote “What worries us is what we think this loss of fire MEANS. We think that either we have “lost our faith” or we think that God feels so distant, maybe He really doesn’t love us anymore.” This was so inspiring as I realized i am secured in Christ and does not need the burning fire.

May God truly bless you for listen to the voice of GOd to write such an inspiring and uplifting article.

Stay bless, your sister in Christ


August 23, 2016 @ 11:03 pm

What a beautiful post on this blog, I love these Christian blogs
I am discovering on the internet, I should post on some sometime, maybe even write my own.


August 23, 2016 @ 11:10 pm

You know, the fire really has some spiritual symbolism. When Moses first encountered God, he encountered him in a FIERY BUSH. The lamb was slain, the blood painted onto the sides of the doors of the Israelites, and because of that, they became FREE from sin. And we can journey to God’s promised land now, because the sea has been parted, the sea which is sin, that separates us from God.


November 14, 2016 @ 10:59 pm

Your post encourages me. Thank you. I have been searching and asking God why am I dying or feel like that. Where is the Fire that I once had as a mature Christian? What is happening to me?
But I do need more answers. I continue to stay in pray, and read the word of God. Im not like I use to be. sadden.

Beverly mae

March 31, 2017 @ 12:14 pm

Ive been feeling depressed these past few days and I really dont know why. But along the way, i noticed that my fire for God isnt there, and i honestly felt guilty. Thanks for this. It helped me alot. Thank you for enlightenment.


June 6, 2017 @ 6:23 pm

Thanks , I was heavily involved in ministry got burnt out, then my wife left me four years ago. It took me a long time to recover, but I can see Gods hand restoring me. I’m trying to find a fellowship where I feel loved and accepted, as I’ve had a few church hurst in past and have been given the leporosy look being a dad in church single with his kids.
I love the Lord and still pray and have relationship with him, God has never let me down.
Thank you I always wondered where the fire went, but maybe as we mature in relationship with God, it does go and your comments made sense.
Be blessed
Love steve


July 10, 2018 @ 4:38 am

Thanks for opening my eyes.


October 7, 2018 @ 6:04 am

Thanks for your post. My spiritual fire was quenched by my enemies in the dream. One day in a vigil. while sleeping, in a dream, i saw darkish people chasing me round the church premise. In the process, i did not see those people, as if they disappeared. So i thought they were gone. So when I was like walking gradually down the compound, towards a wall which have an opening, like an entrance. As I got closer, one of them appeared and quench my spiritual fire by pouring me a full bucket of cold water. Hence,later in the physical, I stopped doing what I used to do before like studying the bible regularly, going for evangelism , going to church regularly and praying regularly. Its like I don’t feel God’s presence anymore. Before the drastic incidence, i loved and served God with ease but now is like what I aforementioned. May God restore it back.


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