Nervously Eager

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Nervous about tomorrow,
Though I know I shouldn’t be.
It’s not the task itself,
But on what it may mean.

It’s got me second-guessin,
Myself, my life, my mission.
Cuz once you sign that dotted line,
I mean, once you initial;

That’s it, there go the plans,
They’re done!
I know there’s so much that I want to do,
And deep down I know it’s ALL for You,

But I want to do the best,
Live the life for which I’m fitted.
Why do my talents seem to be
The enemy against whom I’m pitted?

The pressure s’posed to have subsided,
It’s supposed to have been gone.
This kind of stress and second-guess,
I thought its days were done.

Oh good now made myself sick,
That’s all I really needed.
Whether the weather or whatever,
I simply feel defeated.

Too confident to cry,
Too assured to worry,
Too concerned I’ll go too slow
Yet still get in a hurry;

Why do I feel I’m “forcing it”—
That’s what I’ve done, and always been;
It’s worked real well, I’ve had the faith,
Doubtless had His guidance without end.

I’ve gotta let it simmer,
And gotta get some sleep;
For tomorrow, yes tomorrow,
Liable to make a big leap.

Travis Jones
9-5-2011, 9-6-2011,
12.24 AM (on the 6th)

Steve Hallford

September 6, 2011 @ 6:38 am

Well written; thoughtful. Self-reflective. Keep confident & courageous! Whatever undertaking you decide to get into, do it like everything else you do..with great abandon! Best wishes!


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