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Too Much to Ask?

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Want you to be interested,
Do you think you are?
Because I know that I can be
More than in-tune with your heart.

To my depths I know I can
Put you before my own,
My life is not as if I just
Sit arrogantly on a throne.

I know that it’s not about me,
Neither is it about you;
However when we live our life,
His love through me will exalt you.

Confident I can put you before me,
I’m hoping someone’s out there who
Is, to their depths, as I to them,
Int’rested in my mind and my thoughts too.

To you, whoever you are.

–Travis J,
August 7, 2011


Strive and Arrive

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I’m tired of these butterflies,
They’re in my tummy–not the skies.
Not gonna lie, was terrified–
Almost did it, almost cried.

But then I got the iron chest,
The kind you get and need no rest.
The drive kicked in, to be the best,
Cannot lie though, up still I messed..

You get that gulp that’s in your throat,
The tears stay in, they’re back and choked.
You do your thing and don’t emote–
All the while the flame gets stoked and stoked.

Just want to be there and arrive,
For that feeling and swag I’ll strive and strive.
Crazy though my team I’ll drive,
Still I’ll wake up and be alive.

–Travis Jones,

1:00-ish AM, June 10th, 2011


I usually never do “memories” things, but I graduate in three days..(Master’s degree version)

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Ok, I usually never do “memories” things, but I graduate from graduate college with my MBA in three days–I’d like some reminisce time. So I’m tagging EVERYONE:


Leave one memory that you and I had together.


(if you’ve already left a memory, don’t worry about doing it again–unless you wanna leave another ^_^)


Tyler people! ETBU people! Family people! CHS people! Friendly Baptist people! Dallas people! New Covenant people! Random-people-I-met-online! GuideStone people! UT Tyler people! Brookshire’s people! Everyone else!


Even if you weren’t tagged!


I don’t care!


It doesn’t matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember. Don’t send a message, leave a comment on here.


Leave one memory that you and I had together.


(if you’ve already left a memory, don’t worry about doing it again–unless you wanna leave another ^_^)


Next, re-post this in your notes and see how many people leave a memory about you, repost as “memories” if you want.


Thank you for joining me in my shallow attempt to satiate my emotion, which I rarely do ^_^ God bless.



Childlike ^_^ (Eminem face, even back then)


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Amy Weakley Dushuanack My favorite memory of you is the character voices that you can do (especially the creepy old man). I am so proud of you! I wish you the best of luck on all of your endeavors!!
May 5 at 10:06am · Like
Elise Barrett I dunno about my favorite, that’d be hard to pick, but I miss our delicious meals in the Ornelas lobby followed by readings of horrible fanfiction. You’re one of the coolest people I know.
May 5 at 10:13am · Like · 1 person Alex Daniel Hester
Alex Daniel Hester I’d either have to go with Elise on that, or with Pineapple Express w/ Jonathan McDaniel
May 5 at 10:21am · Like
Adrian Jackson Jarrett library! haha! i agree with Elise….u r pretty cool! lol =)
May 5 at 10:21am · Like
Elise Barrett Oh, and don’t forget Jalapeno Tree… RUN LIKE HELL
May 5 at 10:21am · Like
Elise Barrett So… if that’s a picture of you as a kid… the anime hair is REAL? 0_0
May 5 at 10:21am · Like
Charles Harris I just remember that you and I both transfered to CHS in our Jr. Year and didn’t really know anybody. So you were my first friend I made at that High School.
May 5 at 10:46am · Like
Ashleigh Endicott theres way too many memories to name!! Staying up late studying, working on papers, Kane’s horrible class, finkerwinkle, and our adventures of Beal this semester!! Cant believe we did it!!! Its be fun the whole time having classes with you!!!
May 5 at 11:02am · Like
Tyler Foster One of the memories that stick out the most is when we were at CASL my freshmen year and it was Travis J Eura C Miles III and Chance were just acting the fools that trip
May 5 at 11:27am · Like
Denise Tijerina Well I don’t really remember how we met or exactly what interactions we had together, but I know we had some and I remember also thinking that you were a really nice guy and good to talk to.
May 5 at 11:28am · Like
Karla Schroeder Lambert I remember meeting you…DeAnna Hodge introduced us and you visited at our house one night. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I hope we see you again soon.
May 5 at 11:34am · Like
Kayce Gilbreath done!! umm library with or without Zane’ Gruznina when we were learning questionable phrases in Latvian… and the birds and the bees…haha
May 5 at 11:35am · Like
Julie Templin Ethics Match! Both years! Walking around after the dinner downtown. You were always fun to hang out and talk with. Josh always called you the blond basketball guy–it still makes me laugh. 🙂 Congratulations on your graduation!
May 5 at 11:36am · Like
Candice Hamilton Painting you up for the basketball game! Lol
May 5 at 11:40am · Like
Chad Thorpe I remember barely knowing you at ETBU but having some great political discussions on facebook. I’m still waiting on you to run for office… congrats on the graduation!
May 5 at 11:54am · Like
Lee Parker I remember when you, me and Eura had a Chappelle’s show marathon when you were sick.
May 5 at 12:03pm · Like
Kayla Hunt This is too easy! I have two two-word phrases for you: Thanksgiving karaoke + no ID. xD
May 5 at 12:09pm · Like
Mark Joseph Johnson haha, I remember whn it was nicks birthday, and he and i got into a massive argument, and i wasbout t go home to my grandparents, and i came back in to get the present i brought for nick, you became the peace keeper that night, oh man the old days when nick and i would argue. lol
May 5 at 12:12pm · Like
Bill Mills I remember when you arrived at ETBU in a hurry to graduate even before you got started well.
May 5 at 12:13pm · Like
Bill Mills I remember when you thanked me for helping you graduate early just in time to help minister to your family in a time of sadness.
May 5 at 12:14pm · Like
Allan Thompson not a memory, Travis, but a prophecy that if you keep growing in Christ and using the talents He has given you in abundance, then you will have a significant impact for the Kingdom. Be true to the way He has wired you, and glory in giving Him glory.
May 5 at 12:21pm · Like · 1 person Justin Niksich E. Texas Baptist
Katie Calicutt Cute pic 🙂 congrats on graduating!!! Um we never actually met although I’m sure we have crossed paths one time or two considering its Tyler lol. I think we started out as myspace friends back when that was the cool thing to have Haha and I remember you liked a pic on my profile with a girl and guy lookin at each other from opposite sides of the same mirror. Idk y I remember that but I Do :).
May 5 at 12:44pm · Like
Kim Orpin I remember when we were at church camp at Lake Texoma. You wouldn’t talk to anyone since you were so shy back then, but Lauren Parish and I were determined to make you our friend. So we were the two annoying bouncy girls that would constantly talk to your face. Awkward, but so entertaining!
May 5 at 12:48pm · Like
Rebecca Rinehart Oooh, lab monitor…notebook….culture exchange….good hugs….fantastic hair….business school (you’re brilliant :P)…..THAT SOUNDS LUCRATIVE. 😀
May 5 at 12:52pm · Like
Kendall Clary I’ll never forget having you in our ETBU 101 group. We had the best one of them all!
May 5 at 12:56pm · Like · 1 person Justin Niksich E. Texas Baptist
Jordan Summer Gibson do i even need to tell ya mona!? cause its like the saaaammme!!!!!
May 5 at 1:12pm · Like
Keisha Collins Last year when we made the human ‘T’ at work for the Rangers. Goodtimes 🙂
May 5 at 1:18pm · Like
James Christian Bruce
Let’s see……..How about the time you, me, Brandon Johnson, Heather and Stacey, in our freshman year, were all in the Feagin lobby trying to watch the “Prince of Egypt” movie and it seemed like Heather just wanted to just keep talking and having a good time while the movie was going on. Brandon was getting fed up with it b/c he was trying to watch a movie without any disturbances. So, for his sake, I finally utterred the words, “Shut up, Heather!!!” I can’t remember if that’s verbatum, but you get the concept.
May 5 at 1:31pm · Like
James Christian Bruce Once again, I would like to congradulate you on all of your accomplishments. It takes a lot of determination and will-power to do what you have done.
May 5 at 1:33pm · Like
Debbie Warbington Rogers I always saw in you a student who was not scared to dream !!
May 5 at 1:50pm · Like
Alene Misz’Mook Banks I remember that used to always wear that bandana on your head on campus and I used to tell you how cute you were.
May 5 at 1:52pm · Like
Earl Williams I remember your senior year at CHS you were in my philosophy class.I was hospitalized with an infected toe when I returned to work my foot was in a cast and you and a couple of other students said you were praying for me.I did”nt tell anybody at the time but my prognosis was not good.The Doctors were fearful thatI would lose not only the toe but possibly the foot too.Obviuously prayer changes things.
May 5 at 2:14pm · Like
Dameron Mr Maestro Growe Hot! Tub!!!
May 5 at 2:25pm · Like
Dameron Mr Maestro Growe Is that a belt?!?!
May 5 at 2:25pm · Like
Dameron Mr Maestro Growe Demon flower!
May 5 at 2:26pm · Like · 1 person Raven Minter
Brittany Reynolds
I don’t really have a memory with you because I just met you this year and we haven’t hung out.. but I do know that because of you I am going to ETBU(: and I am so thankful for that. Because of you I learned to listen to God and go where he wanted me, not where I wanted to go. I know we have had great conversations. Best one….”brown rice is good for you right??” Noooo lol but yet EVERYTIME you eat it you tell me. Andddd about that unspeakable person, and you telling me everytime he is on the radio or your singing his songs. Miss you at church!!
May 5 at 2:26pm · Like
Jacqui Saling The only thing that stands out to me is freshman year. We didn’t even know each other but I thought you were a little weird and my roommate thought you were so cool. Turns out we were both right.
May 5 at 2:41pm · Like
Hannah Rigg You didn’t tag me, but I will never forget that night when you, Nate Russ, and I laid on the hood of your truck and looked at the stars. Freshman year was so long ago, but you’ve always been such an awesome man of God, Travis. I’m so proud of you. I know Graduate School is difficult, but it’s encouraging to know that someone my age has been there and done that!! Love you, man.
May 5 at 2:52pm · Like · 2 people Pamela ReNee’ Stamper E. Texas Baptist , Nate Russ
Hannah Johnson i was not tagged i will not write a memory…
May 5 at 2:58pm · Like
Hannah Johnson and you know i have good ones!
May 5 at 2:58pm · Like
Yaziri Orrostieta Your dedication, hard work, and funny jokes from Quantitative Analysis! You will go far Mr. Travis J – you have all the qualities or a leader- with the main one being your passion for success! 🙂 Keep it up!
May 5 at 3:03pm · Like
Steven Beeson playing mario party makes me just want to “scratch your eyes out
May 5 at 3:09pm · Like
Lilia Rita Miller wow I am super behind. Well I think we have had our fair share of memories. Playing soccer with a few kids in EL Coyote, your graduation, letting you eat half my lunch for about half a school year. Aw hell you should move to Houston with us to make new ones or let me know if you ever do that CHS thing. 🙂 You are an awesome kid!
May 5 at 3:23pm · Like
Travis J ‎(thank y’all for the comments so far, y’all are making me reminisce like crazy, and this is so fun to read these things–KEEP THEM COMING.
And just for the record, I DID tag all of y’all. I tagged EVERY one of my facebook-friends. I just had to then go back and un-tag people because facebook only lets you tag 30 at a time in Notes.)
May 5 at 3:28pm · Like
Robert Wilson The time we got together for homecoming and had the Aladdin theme and who could forget the times we played Mario Kart there was so much trash talking and laughing:) oh how its so fun to be with friends.
May 5 at 3:35pm · Like
Ioana Lia I still very well remember how we met. At Sucevita. I remember when you asked me to eat bread with jam and sausage. Haha…funny moment. 🙂 Anyway, NICE memories from Suceava!! [hug]
May 5 at 4:06pm · Like
Vicki Arnold Morgan Best memory ever:……being a PRECIOUS, WONDERFUL FRIEND TO BAILEY!
May 5 at 4:41pm · Like
Terry Fyffe Interviewing you for the very tough job as a lab monitor.
May 5 at 4:46pm · Like
Holley Crum When we were in Mexico together it was a great time. I miss you alot Travis! I hope you have a great graduation and I am so proud of you I know your dad is too! MAY GOD JUST KEEP ON BLESSING YOU!!!
May 5 at 4:53pm · Like
Sarah Alaine Jeter matress surfing in merle during etbu 101
May 5 at 6:25pm · Like
Ashleigh Don Adventures in Mexico!
May 5 at 7:17pm · Like
Rebecca Leigh Hughes colonial hills!!!!!! thats my memories:)
May 5 at 7:47pm · Like
Matthew 絶望 Huffman
The first memory that comes into my mind is when we travelled 20 years into the future in which corporate feudalism dominated the world. We had many dire moments but we remained adamant in our determination to survive. After finding out that are future selves were high ranking members in one of the most evil corporations in the world, we set out on on a journey to destroy them. Our paths eventually intersected with a rebel group from even further in the future called Titor’s Force. We came up with a plan to eliminate our future selves and although I had no qualms with it you were despairing over what you would become. Then, at the pivotal point in the battle with ourselves, you declared that we could not be defeated since they would not exist if we were to die. That’s when they dropped a bombshell, the grandfather paradox didn’t exist and that the many-worlds interpretation of space and time was correct. This meant that we hadn’t travelled in time but into a parallel universe in which they were free to kill us without consequence. Fortunately for us we managed to defeat them. Afterwards, with Titor’s Force and our new knowledge we were able to discover a way to return to our world. We managed this and returned to the point at which we had left but in the process you lost your memories of all the events in the parallel world. I wish you had retained them so that we could discuss the plot holes of the events we lived through. Oh well. Such is life.

In all serious though I would say that there is not one defining memory I can think of that shows how awesome you are Travis. Well, maybe biting at me. For you permeate awesomeness and thus all events involving you lead to a good ending.

Lastly, I can not help but noticed you tagged Travis Jones. I wonder what he has to say about you.
May 5 at 7:49pm · Like · 2 people Justin Niksich E. Texas Baptist , Travis Jones
Manuela Molina jaja!! i remember you and your awesome b-ball skills ! 🙂 ajajaja and i enjoyed watching all of you guys games 🙂 ♥
May 5 at 8:07pm · Like
Kate Bonner Repost- GRRR …YO YO YO!!!!…’m charging $5 fee per professional reference.. HA HA! personal references are negotiable starting $25 up. :-D)
May 5 at 8:27pm · Like
Joshua Bradley Johnson I love those late nights when we would play endless games of bball. Thanks so much for all the fun. Good luck with life after school.
May 5 at 10:42pm · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid
I got to know you mostly because Cuz Georgie liked to invite you and Nick to my house, because you like to eat and I like to cook! Then the most fond memory I have is the whole WEEK I got to cook for all you guys and George and Jessica in Orlando. Universal Studios was great~I finally got to see my homeland ~ Whoville! Getting our mug shots at the dinner theater was fun too. The only bad part was you getting sick on the way home.
May 5 at 10:59pm · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid oh, don’t forget the iced coffee and Nick’s blue Slurpees!
May 5 at 11:00pm · Like
Jessica Alexander Well for starters, I do believe I’ve only spoken to you once in my life. Minus the times before when we’ve been introduced multiple times..but that doesn’t really count.

I do recall “officially” meeting you at Smashburger with Miss Ruthie, Lakin, Ethan and Linda and my mom and sis. Definitely ate some food, had some good laughs, talked about movies, saw your well-designed business cards..yeah, good day indeed.
May 5 at 11:06pm · Like
Donna Savage hot tea.
May 6 at 2:19am · Like
Annalise Wighaman lol meeting you at church with Graeme 🙂 and i was like woah that is travis! lol. 🙂 and you and Graeme acting like you guys were together lol oh yea that happened lol. 🙂 but i’m kinda sad we didn’t get to hang out!
May 6 at 9:36am · Like
Cindy Carlton Hodge I remember going fishing with you DeAnna and Brandon at Lake of the Pines one time when Mom and I went up to visit DeAnna in college. We just caught a few small fish but everyone had a good time.
May 6 at 8:18pm · Like
Kileen Gaddis I remember this funny looking little blonde haired kid of my cousins and then he grew up to be this handsome young man with a great personality and great with little kids, but I guess thats because you are still one. Congratulations on graduating!!!!!! I’m very proud of you!
May 6 at 11:21pm · Like
Joshua Excellence I remember adding u as a friend on facebook!
May 8 at 9:03am · Like
Whitney Collins I remember meeting you at a ETBU bonfire at Brian Jones house. haha.
May 8 at 9:30pm · Like
Claire McCaslin JC…what the __!
May 8 at 10:57pm · Like
Jim Hallford who are you again? (jk) no brainer -lego rock band almost all night long
May 8 at 11:19pm · Like
Joy Casey Nelson Travis, David and I want you to know that we are so proud of you for many things. First and foremost is that you love and honor God with your life. You are a wonderful light shining in the darkness. Secondly is that you have been steadfast in keeping your eye on the goal of education in order to achieve those things set before you. We love you very much and look forward to spending time with you.
May 9 at 8:03am · Like
Daniel Wilkinson Your gamecube, my house, pizza, Very Fine, and countless hours of good times… Late night basketball scrimmages at CHS, former students young and old… Dominating Portland together — oh wait, you haven’t moved up here… yet… 😀
May 10 at 10:39pm · Like
Jeff Kyle tour of LA including all you can eat Korean BBQ in K-town, Hollywood, Bev Hills, Santa Monica Promenade and Pier, and you graduating to the big leagues of sushi by fireside at Bar Hayama. we’re both proud of and excited for you cuz! congrats!
May 11 at 8:37am · Like
Frank Roberts dawgpiles – basketball, and everything in between.
May 11 at 8:45am · Like
Jacalynn Paige Hathaway Badda** DANCE party on the table after the wedding! Lol by far best night ever!!!:)
May 11 at 9:34am · Like
Katrina Peek
I remember the first night of drills for the national guard that I went to and I was having a rough time adjusting and I called you to ask you to pray for me. You helped me remember the big picture and why I joined the guard in the first place and although I didn’t stay in- that phone conversation really helped me out. Thanks. You’ve always been available day or night when I needed a friend to talk to and to encourage me.
May 11 at 10:49am · Like
David Lee Saenz mexico! you me and luke!
May 11 at 11:19am · Like
David Lee Saenz and dave chapelle
May 11 at 11:20am · Like
Betsy Fowler you and nick dressing up as power rangers! and nick was the pink ranger! lol
May 11 at 12:34pm · Like
Ashlyn Brown you coming to my house with Brandon during the summer!! You’re now a part of the fam 😉
May 11 at 3:05pm · Like
Andrew Decker There are so many, but I think the most recent was you teaching my sunday school class. You can do it again any time.
May 11 at 3:30pm · Like
Ariel A. Yawn I remember that you were Nick Jones’ older brother and for some odd reason wanted to add me on both your profiles. So far I haven’t regretted adding ya and you’ve been a pretty level-headed guy to joke around with from time to time. I have to say that Nick is pretty lucky to have a bro like you…tho… I still see the lil bastard as the lil brother I never had. Share him! 😛 lol Later man.
May 11 at 10:03pm · Like
Lori Billings I remember these 2 cute little boys that would come up to my parents house to visit and play nintendo games with my little boy..Can’t believe all 3 of you “little boys” are now all grown up into wonderful young men!!
May 12 at 10:27am · Like
Amber Morris Travis, All memories with you are good– You are a great guy and you just make people feel at home. I mostly like when you exclude me from things tho;)p hahahahaha
May 12 at 10:45am · Like
Phillip Martin I didn’t ever really get to know you…but I remember when you were hanging out in our dorm cuz the power went out and Sergio was dancing and being crazy.
May 12 at 10:53am · Like
Jarryn Dickenson And she’s hot!!!!
May 12 at 10:54am · Like
Stacy Cosmic Pixiedust Self The “Great Debaters” and pizza at our house and the Ethics trips.
May 12 at 11:08am · Like
Stacy Cosmic Pixiedust Self Dr. Self shares my memory as well. Also adds that you were an exceptional student with a bright future. All his best, he sends to you as do I.
May 12 at 11:09am · Like
Nathan Allen You, Me, Nick, and Justin going to Dave&Busters, then watching The Hangover and eating Whataburger in our hotel room in Dallas.
May 12 at 11:16am · Like
Krystle Angelle Harrison I had a class I dont remember if it was OT or NT with Travis J, seeing him in the library at etbu working, and homecoming king!
May 12 at 11:16am · Like
Jamie Johnson Hurt hmmm probably working on the homecoming float for our club/group or whatever ! it was alot of fun ! that is something that i miss about etbu is all the memories and great friends you make and all the events that they do.
May 12 at 11:22am · Like
Tiffany Rowland I guess It would have to be the day i was sitting in the Caf. eating and you and Brandon came over there and you just sat down and started eating with me like it was normal for you to do that 😀
May 12 at 11:25am · Like
Stephanie Conrod haha I only knew you as the guy on the Business Hall picture wall of past graduates and thought it would be cool to meet you, then finally did at the bonfire 🙂
May 12 at 2:59pm · Like
Adeline Araba Roberts i saw you around tyler and i said hi yea, good times. hahaha!!
May 12 at 4:12pm · Like
Stephanie Evon Scott I remember having fun with you and Bran many times!”How you do doing?” (Wendy Williams voice) Cute baby pic btw..
May 12 at 7:10pm · Like
Kyle Thorn I remember playing on CEO with you, and the first time I ever called you a conservative man whore
May 12 at 11:35pm · Like
Moquita Mone’t Quinan When you gave me advice about my terrible ex boyfriend. You were great and you really opened my eyes:)
May 12 at 11:50pm · Like
DeAnna Hodge Courthouse Marshall, TX. You were the best friend ever when I needed you most.
May 13 at 12:00am · Like
Hannah Johnson okay okay since i was tagged! i will never forget our many trips together! Canada, colorado, florida, mexico, and even all stuffing into nathans little apartment in baytown for Lilia Rita Miller wedding! but our canada/colorado trip was Amazingly fun! you are such an awesome friend (even if i never name a kid after you)!


SoC 3 La Vida Post-Escuela

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The breath I released
The sigh I relieved,


I can finally think,
I can finally breathe.


No more anxiety–no more if you please.
My sanity’s back, in place, retrieved.


No more thoughts of these “A’s” and these “B’s”–
It’s now only just mind your “Q’s” and your “P’s”.


These breaths in my chest, with no trouble, they’re heaved,
To this freedom forever, forever I’ll cleave.


–Travis J
May 3, 2011 1:15 AM


2011 Resolutions (re-post, from January 2011)

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(Editor’s note on April 24, 2011, this is a re-post of my 2011 Resolutions that I made this past New Year’s. I don’t think I had ever really, officially, done these before in my life. For years now, I honestly make it a daily goal to meet goals–long and short-term–so I don’t often have a lot of things I’m “trying to work on”. But I do have some, and thought I’d officially post them. Sorry if this bored you–I just wanted a reminder)


2011 Resolutions

1 ) Love, and ALLOW myself to be loved, both

2 ) Plan less

3 ) Spend more money

4 ) Do NOTHING more often

5 ) Read less TEXTbooks

6 ) Read more REAL books

7 ) Talk to more strangers

8 ) Be more impulsive

9 ) Feel more

10 ) Care less


With these, I really tried not to include “check-points” or business-related benchmarks or anything. Like, I didn’t want to say stuff like

Have such-and-such many clients in my web-design company“, or

Decide on career“, or

Complete that-and-that type of marketing“, or

Complete this personal project” type of things.


I didn’t want to post those here…otherwise those’d take up all 10 slots 😛 .


As always–comment even if you weren’t tagged, it’s fine.


Travis J,
December 31, 2010 at 6:43pm


(Editor’s note on April 24, 2011, also, please comment here on my blog, whether you were or weren’t tagged when I put this on facebook, even if you did or didn’t comment on facebook, or even if I don’t know you–I really don’t care 😛 . Just post a comment if you feel so compelled)

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Kirsten Hallford Broussard WORD. 🙂 ….talk to more strangers…give more of your attention to people. that’s on my list now. awesome list, cousin.
December 31, 2010 at 6:49pm · Like
Josh Bronstad You planning to plan less? Hmm interesting lol
December 31, 2010 at 6:59pm · Like · 1 person
Daniel Wilkinson Well, first he had to plan to plan to plan less before he could plan to plan less. Now that he’s done with that, I expect that he’s planning less…

1) I love you, Trav.
January 1 at 5:44am · Like
Steve Hallford Hey Nephew; Love the list. My resolutions seem to always go in one year and out the other…
January 1 at 11:49am · Like
Bailey James Morgan yes yes and yes.
January 2 at 2:08pm · Like
Bailey James Morgan Miss ya by the way
January 2 at 2:09pm · Like
B.j. Watts ‎”Man! I don told you to stop workin so dang much”— words to my father. He has calmed down a bit since then. I think he finally gave in to my advice. Planning less? Your body & mind will thank you for it.
January 2 at 7:06pm · Like


Makin the Jump

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Makin the jump,
Makin the plunge;
I’m one to be scared,
But I’m one to have fun.

Built up all along,
with thoughts of “Will I succeed”?
Haunted with
“Will I forever be trapped by their lying and greed”?

But the days are gone past,
Frightening me no more—
For once again I’m caught up
In the arms of my Lord.

Giving me a vision
and thorough inspiration.
“Could this be Heaven?”
Determination in spite of competition.

No lie, I’m still scared—
But it’s of a different kind.
And, yes, now it seems,
I’m kind of behind.

But these things when they happen
We’re wise not to question;
While analysis has its place, of this I’m aware,
His Will precedes those—ever since Its inception.

The nightly prayer is for patience
And not to be a square peg,
Trying to be jammed and turned all which way,
“Not in a round hole, please Savior” I beg.

–Travis Jones

2-1-11, 8:00 PM


Political Generation..

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So, MSNBC is showing this thing tonight on TV about “Politics Gone Wild” on “Caught on Camera

or something….It’s showing just some “outrageous” footage of politicians doing “crazy things”. A big chunk of it is American politicians.

What a lot of these mainstream (and alternative, too) networks don’t understand is that a generation of voters is coming up that is not shocked by this sort of thing like these networks, or these “pillars of media”, or these old seasoned adult media executives think we are.

Like, it shows Karl Rove “dancing” (as much as a suited political white man can “dance”)…and then I’ve seen on other shows where they say Barack Obama was known to have done cocaine or smoked weed or something BACK IN THE DAY (long before he was President–like when he was in college and stuff). And then I’ve also seen footage or heard audio of Mr. Bush, Al Gore, and Mr. Reagan cussing/dancing/doing other stuff along that vein, etc. Hilary Clinton was shown on this “Caught on Camera” “Politics Gone Wild” thing, dancing, too–a LITTLE bit better than Mr. Rove 😛 (no offense, Karl–your rap flow was ok though).

I will tell you that as a young voter, most of this stuff does not turn me off–this stuff makes these political figures more TRANSPARENT, more HUMAN, more ATTRACTIVE to me, and makes me trust them MORE.

Are you hearing what I am saying, reader? Yeah rub your eyes, that’s what I’m saying–“I like them M-O-R-E as a result of this quote unquote “crazy” stuff they’re doing on camera, and I don’t CARE that Mr. Obama smoked weed or crack or whatever BACK IN THE DAY when he was in college!

Now they CAN take it too far–just a minute ago this “Caught on Camera” “Politics Gone Wild” featured this one Republican punching a Democrat. And then also, the things Bill Clinton did while in office are too far, too (if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, reader, just Google it).

So if you are someone who thinks I am just a stupid young kid who doesn’t know the real world, doesn’t understand quote unquote “political complexities and the public”, and that doesn’t know what I’m talking about:

Let me just humor you and say to you, “..ok, point taken. You’re absolutely wrong, but point taken.

My generation likes you to “keep it real”, politicians–and when we see raw footage of you, or hear stories about your past, it makes us think we know who you are as a person, and that you are willing to admit you are JUST as flawed as the rest of us. That’s how you get us:

Take notes, political parties (And I mean you “R’s”, “D’s”–and even you “L’s” and “Green Party’res” and “Tea Party’ers”)–this is free info for ya.

See politicians, the way you’ve acted make us NOT trust you, and so when you show your true colors, it makes us feel like we can at least trust you a LITTLE bit–whether you, personally, are worthy of it or not. Sorry if you’re one of the “good” politicians, but you have this stigma with us, too, by default.


P.S. You’ll note that I do not go into what my personal political leanings are, in this post. I’m just trying to come at this from an objective mindset, here. I’ll of course share with you my political thoughts anytime.


15 Albums, 15 Minutes

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The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums that you’ve heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends (or more…why not?) ,including me, because I’m interested in seeing what albums my friend choose. (To do this go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules as new note, cast fifteen picks, and tag people in the note — upper right hand side)


1) Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd — Lynyrd Skynyrd

2) Floyd Boys — The Floyd Boys

3) Wish — DEEN (Dragonball Z and GT Japanese pop music)

4) Flying — Garnet Crow (Tales of Eternia Japanese pop song)

5) Psalms — Shane Barnard

6) Vice Vice Baby — Paul Shanklin

7) Hellbilly Deluxe — Rob Zombie (Dragula, Twisted Metal 4)

8) HIStory — Michael Jackson

9) Do You Feel — The Rocket Summer

10) The Massacre — 50 Cent

11) Meteora — Linkin Park

12) Nevermind — Nirvana

13) Rickey Smiley Vol 5

14) Everything You Want — Vertical Horizon

15) “Space Jam” Soundtrack

Comments left by other people on this post, from original facebook Note on my “Travis J” facebook:

Grace MiShel Neel Space Jam Soundtrack = ♥
December 14, 2010 at 2:35pm · Like
Daniel Wilkinson I believe I can fly…
December 14, 2010 at 6:33pm · Like
DeAnna Hodge Do You Feel ♥ His new one is even better…
December 15, 2010 at 5:27am · Like
Hollie Billings im shaking my head right now…
December 15, 2010 at 10:00pm · Like
Travis J Hater.. 😛
2 seconds ago · Like


You Have Been Chosen!

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(Ariel: I can’t believe I’m doing one of these things 😛 You were the one who tagged me, ha. Only tagging a few people haha..)

(Jonathan: I only tagged you because of my response to question 50–you can basically disregard everything else 😛 )


Yeah people, get over it–school’s out for me, so I had a little extra time, and my homegirl tagged me in it to do it 😛 .


You have been tagged (as I have), you have the honor of copying these good questions, writing your own response, and tagging 25 other victims.


1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:00 AM


2. How do you like your steak? Well-Done–little bit of a char/burnt taste is where it’s at.


3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Due Date (“What are you..a girl or somethin??” hahaha..)


4. What is your favorite TV show? “All in the Family”, from the 1970’s.


5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Japan; East Texas; Austin, TX; South Korea; Virginia.


6. What did you have for breakfast? Granola Bar–sort of, heh..


7. What is your favorite cuisine? Honestly, as much as I love EVERY type of food, I’ve got to say American foods like Buffalo Wings and Cheeseburgers are my top two favorite foods of all time. CLOSELY followed by Mexican food and Chinese food.


8. What foods do you dislike? Raw onions, horseradish, sauerkraut; apples, popcorn, and corn annoy me but they don’t taste bad; as Southern and ghetto as I am, I’m not the biggest fan of grits; beets; cucumbers or squash (unless they are cooked, with either a ton of butter or Asian seasoning)


9. Favorite Place to Eat? Buffalo Wild Wings


10. Favorite dressing? Ranch; closely followed by Caesar.


11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1997 White Ford F-150 Standard Transmission. WHAT THEN! (absolutely TERRIBLE mileage -_-  haha)


12. What are your favorite clothes? Ok so, I hate clothes altogether. But since I *HAVE* to wear them: these do not work well together (I don’t wear all these at once, folks): basketball shoes with the laces untied, studded belt, wife beater shirt, basketball shorts, cross necklace, class ring, khaki shorts, bandana, my Simpsons boxers (not even kidding)


13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? Israel and all the areas around it like where Paul’s missionary journeys took place; Austin, TX; Marshall, TX; Houston, TX; Keller, TX; Area 51; inside the hidden caves at the White House; Bucharest, Romania; Canada; Monterrey, Nuñez, and La Noria, Mexico; Latvia; Japan; South Korea; Italy; France; Spain; the Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Cambodia’ Laos; Indonesia; anywhere and everywhere featured on the TV show “Man vs. Food” so that I can try all of the food challenges at those restaurants; New York; California; Montana; New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Louisiana; Australia; New Zealand


14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? 1/2 Full.


15. Where would you want to retire? If I could somehow retire on the wilderness land my family owns here in East Texas, somehow MOVED down to Lake Travis in Austin, TX; and if I could retire at age 25. Then that. That’s what I’d do….or Japan. But when I retire, I will still be doing ministry in some form or fashion..


16. Favorite time of day? EARLY morning or LATE night.


17. Where were you born? Mother Frances Hospital; Tyler, TX.


18. What is your favorite sports to watch? CAN YOU SAY “BASKETBALL”?!?! Watch, play, coach, street, official, college, pro, video games–I DON’T CARE.


19. Who do you think will not tag you back? None. Most of my friends are like what I USUALLY am–too busy and usually have enough sense to be too non-conformist to even do these things 😀 .


20. Person you expect tag you back first? See above.


21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? See above.


22. Bird watcher? Only once; and that was for college credit 😀 .


23. Are you a morning person or a night person? Like I said, either REALLY early morning, or LATE night. But either one, really. I love driving at night.


24. Pets? None worth mentioning–the only pet I really miss is our golden retriever/chow mix, Sandy :-/ (but yes, we have a dog and two cats).


25. Any new and exciting news that you’d like to share? ..heh. Daily. This isn’t what I’m talking about but uh: I just FINISHED my school semester, and now only have one left. That’s pretty big.


26. What did you want to be when you were little? Let’s see, I think the order went Policeman or Fireman, Artist (sucked too bad at that), Marine Biologist, Marvel Comics artist, super-hero, Video Game Creator, “Tales of…” video game series designer, professional basketball player, high school teacher, Writer/Model/Web Designer/Business Systems Analyst, but ultimately a Christian School teacher/administrator.


27. What is your best childhood memory? Simply being in the presence of my father, doing anything from wrestling with him when I was really little and him tickling me, going duck and dove hunting with him, playing baseball and basketball with him, working with him at our land here in East Texas and our land down in Lufkin, playing Mario Kart on Super Nintendo and Twisted Metal 2 on Playstation with him, discussing math and business with him, riding in the truck listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and classic rock with him, watching TV and movies with him and watching him exclaim at bad language and occasionally laugh with us at it, eating steaks (usually chicken-fried ones) with him, deep talks with him (which didn’t happen often but he was cool enough to do when it mattered)..


28. Are you a cat or dog person? Dog.


29. Are you married? No.


30. Always wear your seat belt? Yes. I’m talking, even in parking lots..when an adjacent parking lot is the destination 😀 .


31. Been in a car accident? Only two really REALLY minor ones.


32. Any pet peeves?

– Human arrogance

– Blissful ignorance

– People on my same level correcting me when their ultimate pursuit is not truth but instead is making me look bad/feel stupid.


33. Favorite pizza topping? Buffalo Chicken. Closely followed by Pepperoni. I’m a simple guy, honestly, can’t you tell?


34. Favorite Flower? Japanese Cherry Blossom trees (does that count?).


35. Favorite ice cream? Cheesecake.


36. Favorite fast food restaurant? Whataburger.


37. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Haha once 😛 the Learner’s Permit side of it.


38. From whom did you get your last email? Interestingly enough–myself, to print something. If that doesn’t count, then a classmate in my graduate-level course, as we were celebrating that we scored high on our group paper.


39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? .

40. Do anything spontaneous lately? Hmm, I’d say they were half-spontaneous. I couldn’t count them as full-spontaneous. So I guess “No”, really.


41. Hobbies or ways to spend free time if you had more of it? Playing Japanese RPG video games; writing books and poems; playing street basketball at Rucker Park in New York; reading C.S. Lewis and other classic literature instead of the mainstream feel-good garbage everyone and their grandma writes these days.


42. Broccoli? Absolutely love it in all forms. Here’s the key: in whatever form it’s in, there is a dip for it 😀 .


43. What was your favorite vacation? Either the vacation to Virginia with my mom, dad, and brother; or the vacation to Boston with my mom,  dad, and brother.


44. Last person you went out to dinner with? Cindy, Jeff, Jessica, Jeff, and little Max-Max.


45. What are you listening to right now? Dallas Mavericks play-by-play, “Ghost Hunters” TV show narration, and then honestly, lately: “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District.


46. What is your favorite color? Red


47. How many tattoos do you have? 0


48. Coffee drinker? -_-‘ since I was 12 years old. But as of last week, have given it up.


49. How many children do you have? 0…that I know of….BAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHA. But seriously, none.


50. Last thing to know about me? I am nobody.


Comments left by other people on this post, from original facebook Note on my “Travis J” facebook:

Ariel A. Yawn You aren’t a nobody!

Due Date was freaking hilarious. I love it when he punched the kid.

Aaaaaaand i couldn’t help but tag ya. These things are like a nostalgic myspace throwback. I actually read them! Yours, as expected, was quite amusing. ^_^ Tanx!
December 7, 2010 at 10:08pm · Like
Travis J Oh my gosh, Due Date was SO ridiculous haha! I absolutely lost it when he was sneezing in the Waffle House…I know that’s not even supposed to be a mainly funny part, but Zach Galifianakis somehow just made it so funny..
December 7, 2010 at 10:11pm · Like
Ariel A. Yawn Agreeeed! Serious ridiculous people are always hilarious. ♥ whoop whoop!
December 7, 2010 at 10:16pm · Like
DeAnna Hodge Keller is a pretty awesome place to visit. And broccoli is the best. :]
December 7, 2010 at 10:52pm · Like


Ok, here’s the deal–ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO VOTE!

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Hey you there, this takes 3 seconds total! There’s only 1 more day to vote, and even though you’ve already voted, you can vote again, so please do so!

– go to
– vote for my cousin Georgeanna Jones by clicking the bubble next to her name and then clicking the “Vote” button

This is so my cousin can win a free wedding–she’s already in the top three.

It takes all of three seconds. This is actually Bo Jones’ niece for those that do not know. You’d help me out a lot. Thank you.

And if you wouldn’t mind, mention it to a few friends of yours and copy and paste that link to them so they can vote, too 😛 .


And for those of you that would do this to help out 30 times more with this:

1. Install the “Google Chrome” browser (get it at if you don’t already have it)
2. Right-click the ink and choose “Open Link in Incognito Window”
3. When the link opens (and before voting) right click the tab and choose “Duplicate“. You can do duplicate the tab many times in a row (I did about 30, I don’t know what the limit is).
4. Then just go through and vote on each of the tabs
5. Close the Incognito Window fully and start again by right clicking the above link (step 2).

Thank you so much!

–Travis J

Comments left by other people on this post, from original facebook Note on my “Travis J” facebook:

Andy Kyle likes this.

Andy Kyle Good luck to her!!!
March 3, 2010 at 12:44pm · Like
Daniel B. D. Murrey I went ahead and voted many times via Google Chrome (which I already have) using the incognito window. I will be sure and do some more voting in the future. Let us know the results! Hope your cousin wins!
March 3, 2010 at 4:33pm · Like
Travis J Thanks, you two. And thanks for doing the multiple-vote thing Daniel, I appreciate that; I certainly will post here with the results when we find out.
March 4, 2010 at 12:45am · Like
DeAnna Hodge Voted lots… now I’ll go vote some more.
March 4, 2010 at 11:33am · Like
March 4, 2010 at 11:57am · Like
Terry Fyffe I was able to use chrome 50x…good luck
March 4, 2010 at 12:35pm · Like
Trevor Middleton hope she gets it!
March 4, 2010 at 1:49pm · Like
Andy Frazier III Is no news good news or bad news in this case?
March 6, 2010 at 8:22am · Like
Travis J Heh I know, I’m so eager to find out myself, but it won’t be announced until Monday the eighth -_-‘ .
March 6, 2010 at 10:47am · Like
Georgeanna Jones-Shaw it is supposed to be announced LIVE on the CBS 19 news on Monday…..I am scared!
March 7, 2010 at 1:05pm · Like
Andy Frazier III It’s Monday the 8th! Let us know.
March 8, 2010 at 6:12pm · Like
Travis J ‎’Preciate the effort everyone, but gotta let you know since I said I would:

“BLAST! Foiled again!!”

-_- results did not turn out as we wanted. Nonetheless we SOO appreciate y’all voting and helping us out. We appreciate it a lot.
March 8, 2010 at 8:21pm · Like
Andy Frazier III ‎:( _ _ _ _ _
March 8, 2010 at 9:19pm · Like
Georgeanna Jones-Shaw I WAS ROBBED!!! but it is all good. Thanks for the votes and support. I have the best cousin in the whole world!
March 8, 2010 at 9:19pm · Like


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