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Too Much to Ask?

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Want you to be interested,
Do you think you are?
Because I know that I can be
More than in-tune with your heart.

To my depths I know I can
Put you before my own,
My life is not as if I just
Sit arrogantly on a throne.

I know that it’s not about me,
Neither is it about you;
However when we live our life,
His love through me will exalt you.

Confident I can put you before me,
I’m hoping someone’s out there who
Is, to their depths, as I to them,
Int’rested in my mind and my thoughts too.

To you, whoever you are.

–Travis J,
August 7, 2011


It Ages Me

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It says “lay up treasures that will be in Heaven”
For that’s where a believer’s heart should be,


Also to forgive—seventy times seven—
But from this repeated torment will I ever be free?


I do not doubt—and my soul’s for sure cravin,
And I tire of their lack of transparency.


The thing is I started to open up, great things we were sharin,
Distrustful, yet didn’t mind getting lost in their sea.


Does physical separation mean disconnection mean sufferin?
Their quickness to abandon me cuts and ages me.


I’m tiring of their tiring and their complacency-havin,
It seems that to remain untied is my gray destiny.


It causes my hope to be broken and my mind to start askin:
“Why, why should I continue with classic chivalry?”


It hurts, and I’m tired, and my heart tires of stayin—
Tears fall and I pray, but the fear kills the romantic in me.


–Travis J
7/24/2011 – 7/25/2011



Strive and Arrive

Posted in : about life/the Christian faith,poems,stream of consciousness/random

I’m tired of these butterflies,
They’re in my tummy–not the skies.
Not gonna lie, was terrified–
Almost did it, almost cried.

But then I got the iron chest,
The kind you get and need no rest.
The drive kicked in, to be the best,
Cannot lie though, up still I messed..

You get that gulp that’s in your throat,
The tears stay in, they’re back and choked.
You do your thing and don’t emote–
All the while the flame gets stoked and stoked.

Just want to be there and arrive,
For that feeling and swag I’ll strive and strive.
Crazy though my team I’ll drive,
Still I’ll wake up and be alive.

–Travis Jones,

1:00-ish AM, June 10th, 2011



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I’m just so confused,
Sense it makes not;
I’ve run out of steam,
My insides are rot.


I thought I gave up,
Thought I made it clear–
“This is MY mind heart and life
You’ve place no longer here.”


The ones that’re closest–
They’ll never believe,
I meant what I said,
I’d no more to bleed.


It just makes no sense,
And time is so cruel.
If I’d relayed this to them,
I’d be simply a fool.


Why should it feel good..?
Promise that it does not.
Thought this was all over–
‘Nuff with this thickening plot.


It is not quite pain, nor grief nor fear.
Worry, itself, doesn’t begin to explain.
It’s black shroud and confusion–
Lack of information leading to pain.


The tears are dried up, it’s my stomach and mind that hurt.
Don’t know what to pray, don’t know what to say;
Making no progress, yet not sinking deeper;
I’ll give Him my confusion, day-to-night, night-to-day.


Travis J

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Annalise Wighaman really good 🙂
April 18 at 8:16am · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid Beautifully shared….I wish I knew how to help you with your conflict, but I know the Lord will help you sort it all out.
April 18 at 9:54am · Like


Makin the Jump

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Makin the jump,
Makin the plunge;
I’m one to be scared,
But I’m one to have fun.

Built up all along,
with thoughts of “Will I succeed”?
Haunted with
“Will I forever be trapped by their lying and greed”?

But the days are gone past,
Frightening me no more—
For once again I’m caught up
In the arms of my Lord.

Giving me a vision
and thorough inspiration.
“Could this be Heaven?”
Determination in spite of competition.

No lie, I’m still scared—
But it’s of a different kind.
And, yes, now it seems,
I’m kind of behind.

But these things when they happen
We’re wise not to question;
While analysis has its place, of this I’m aware,
His Will precedes those—ever since Its inception.

The nightly prayer is for patience
And not to be a square peg,
Trying to be jammed and turned all which way,
“Not in a round hole, please Savior” I beg.

–Travis Jones

2-1-11, 8:00 PM


The Journey of the Two

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(just because I did not tag you in this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to comment. I welcome comments from anyone that happens to read anything I write.)

Confessions merely darkness,
They’re turned as black as sin;

The troubled roads and tunnels’ surface,
Fees like it merely has been skimmed.

In fact my heart feels empty–
Not unlike the man of tin.

Both physical and emotional beats,
They hurt for separate reason.

This year the bright spots surely came then dimmed–
Into the disgusting emptiness that’s their core within.

Like when the good times come and you say,
“That’s good but the other side’s creeping in..”

Why do people always say “third time’s the charm”?
When the bleakness makes it feel like “three strikes they win”?

Hey, you there living–look stop just for a sec,
Turn your eyes and heart to this unique beginning’s end–

You know I’m still waiting and wishing and praying,
Innocently yearning for us two’s life adventure to begin.

It’s one with the other, and the other with one,
It’s when the two both choose one another life’s FUN depends!

But sadly, I seem to repel from that point–
Seems like these thoughts stay gone with the wind.

For when tears inside turn cold and freeze,
They remain choked and trapped–not released from within.

Upon attempts to release the tears, they’re somehow gone and are not there–
Your stomach turns and churns and spurns, continuing to spin.

When it happens so much that you don’t cry when you want,
It feels like you’ve in fact ceased to be human.

Two hearts’ journey is all I want and need,
From I to you, then back–on me you can depend.

Our two’s adventure can be magical–like no one else’s story–
Savior help me shed the tears–remove the skepticism from my end.

(just because I did not tag you in this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to comment. I welcome comments from anyone that happens to read anything I write.)

–Travis Jones


1:50 A.M.-ish

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Frank Roberts likes this.

Cindy Hyden Caid I pray God will give you your heart’s desire~but in His time!


It’s time, it’s time..

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Time for the tears and the heart-throb to stop.
The memories, though nice, must forever be dropped.

Not even worried about the rest–
Because after all, it was only a test.

Memories reduced to nothing in store–
There will be no tears, no tears, no more.

Confidence is the wind that makes me soar–
Not only in me, mainly in the Lord.

Stopped dead in my tracks for half a decade,
Thinkin bout nothing but all the mistakes made.

Stressing out and for what, and yearning, why, for who?
Can’t lie, I’ll confess, sometimes I was blue.

But now there’s hope and new beginning of life,
Forget all the pain, forget all the strife.

The friends that will say “See I told you so.”
With their meaningless words, do they frighten me? No.

They can be kicked off in dust quite easily too,
Ain’t tryin to be cold–don’t need her, don’t need you.

It took one and another, and the influence of many,
Took spending more than simply a pretty penny.

But now I know and now I see,
What never was will never be.

Don’t forget: you who say “Finally!” with foolish contempt,
I’ll leave you behind, too, conclude our friendship no more than “rent”~

The whole point is that I don’t need no haters–
And anyone else severing me from the Creator.

Tomorrow’s a new day with dreams un-endless,
Not a day framed through the glasses of meaninglessness.

Opportunities abound, whatever the way–
Not even gon’ front I know just what to say..

–Travis J


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Heather Gregory-Pierce Good stuff travis, very true
October 26, 2010 at 7:01am · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid I hear the sound of a page being turned, and a new chapter beginning in your life……
October 26, 2010 at 8:22am · Like
DeAnna Hodge Love you, T. :]
October 26, 2010 at 8:27am · Like
Katrina Peek I like this one alot. I agree with the tears no more, dropping the memories, and moving forward with the Lord part. Took me a long time to do that.
October 26, 2010 at 2:54pm · Like
Danae Corley Stone This is great. I’m so excited for what’s going on in you. . . And thanks for sharing. It really inspires and encourages me, and was just the thing i needed to hear as well. So thank you. Miss you!
October 28, 2010 at 8:19am via Facebook Mobile · Like
Kristopher Picarella I’ll keep you in prayer man
October 28, 2010 at 6:29pm · Like
Cathy Sharp Love this!!!
November 1, 2010 at 8:54pm · Like
Lilia Rita Miller hmmmm Proud of you Travz
November 10, 2010 at 12:35am · Like


Imp Tea

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Don’t want a cookie cutter–
Nobody with no soul.
Makin me nauseous, asking with a stutter
For my heart I wish you’d stole.

You lose, and that’s it, submit–effortless as butter,
Your stocking doubtless ever ever graced with any coal.
Why must I wish for another?
Why with you must I grow old?

Are you not human–have you any clutter?
Don’t you know that falling down can make you grow?
“Love is wasted on the young”, says the old earthen mother,
While true that may be indeed, why must I be never whole?

–Travis J


(please don’t spazz out–this one’s not how I’m feeling now; it’s just a story about no one in particular. And it’s also a little commentary on something my friends always tell me how I am, heh..No, not a terrible poet; but yes, I know they’re thinking that one about me too. Something else though.)

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Jordan Summer Gibson totally got this.
September 26, 2010 at 5:22pm via Facebook Mobile · Like
Raven Minter i like this one…
September 26, 2010 at 9:04pm · Like



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Sometimes I wish the phone would ring,
No bands, no cupid, no angels sing.

The familial one forgotten not yet;
Though others don’t see, I will never forget.

Simply a ring is all I desire,
To me’d be hotter than any red fire.

Maybe I could be the one who knows–
To hear you out and cure your woes.

Open my eyes, look back, and hope–
Alas, come up empty–I’m sorry, nope.

That’s ok, it has happened before–
My mind just plays tricks, it’s not cruel anymore.

More like simply cold, and a little bit scary;
Heh, funny how with age, life becomes more hairy..

Like I said, pray through today:
“Maybe it’s the day that today’s the day.”

–Travis J


4:30 A.M.

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Jordan Summer Gibson maybe
September 20, 2010 at 2:05am via Facebook Mobile · Like
Kristine Grace Reyes I wonder who this is for.. Haha 🙂
September 20, 2010 at 3:19am · Like
Alex Daniel Hester Really good, bro
September 20, 2010 at 10:09am via Facebook Mobile · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow. Great is His faithfulness…..
September 20, 2010 at 3:10pm · Like
Heather Gregory-Pierce are you wanting me to call you???? 🙂
September 21, 2010 at 4:56pm · Like


Dee Ay Dee

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Character unseen and unheard of, as yet;

What some never learn, I’ll never forget.


Some would say stupid, some would say dumb,

Some would say leaving us endlessly numb.


“Prolly worth more dead, than worth alive.”

No, dad, it’s not true–emptiness I derive.


The world’s yet to produce one finer, than or since;

Scar on my heart, gulp in my throat, I silently wince.


Taken with no care and with minimal pain,

His heroics and mottos I’ll ever proclaim.


Upon memory, with a tear in my eye,

Until my final heartbeat and the day that I die,


Dad I love you, I’ll proudly bear your name–

The world and myself will ne’er be the same.


–Travis J

<don’t remember when I wrote this–maybe early summer ’10 or late spring ’10..? But finished it on 9-6-10>

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Nick Jones
christian heritage · Texas Tyler
Kristine Grace Reyes
E. Texas Baptist
Alex Daniel Hester
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Frank Roberts
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DeAnna Hodge ‎:-/ Love you. And he’d be super proud.
September 6, 2010 at 10:39pm · Like
Nick Jones ‎*Is.
September 6, 2010 at 10:52pm · Like
DeAnna Hodge Indeed.
September 6, 2010 at 10:54pm · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid It would be great if all sons and daughters admired and respected their dads and moms the way you and Nick did : )
September 6, 2010 at 10:57pm · Like
Cindy Hyden Caid make that “still do”
September 6, 2010 at 10:58pm · Like
Jordan Summer Gibson love man….love
September 7, 2010 at 12:22am via Facebook Mobile · Like
Justin Red Northcutt Always in mind, forever in soul, the pain of your parting still taking its toll.
But your voice that guides me and gives me strength for tomorrow, lifts me as if I have your wings to barrow.

I hope your well brother.
Love you.
September 7, 2010 at 12:41am via Facebook Mobile · Like
Brandon Lyrik Johnson good stuff man! We gotta talk! Dad is alive in all of us, but not more alive in anyone I know more than you and Nick. Love yall man
September 7, 2010 at 10:00am · Like


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