Hi all,

I hope everyone had a great summer break, and welcome to all of the incoming freshmen and transfer students! We here at CEO are looking forward to a great year of fun, faith, opportunity, enrichment, and friendship on campus. This is an exciting time to be a student at etbu as this is a time of transition for the university in different ways. Also, now is a great time to jump in and be involved with the CEO business group! We want to invite you to become a part of our organization. Don't know what we're about? Check out our "Who Are We?" page for more information.

Last year, we as CEO held our regular meetings; built a float for the homecoming parade; had a cookout; took trips to a Shreveport Mudbugs game, and a Dallas Mavericks game; and had an intramural basketball team.

This year, we are looking at possibly going to some businesses for plant visits in order to get some real-world information about the business world, and we are looking into guest speaker(s) coming to speak to our organization, as well. We may be partnering with other organizations on the etbu campus for some of these events, too, so stay tuned!

As events draw closer, CEO will fill ya in on everything. Just make it a point to check your e-mail, post-it announcements on the boards/windows in the Fred Hale School of Business building, facebook, here at the the CEO website (http://ktravisj.com/ceo)--stuff like that--to stay up to speed for meetings and our other events!

Love in Christ,
Travis J
August 25th, 2008

P.S. Matthew 25:16, "The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more."
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